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Xamarin: Which Sectors Leverage this Platform in 2022?

Cross-platform development has grown in popularity in the last decade. Why not? It offers numerous advantages over native app development. 

But in the past, building cross-platform was not as easy as it is today. It is because of technologies like Xamarin. Created by Microsoft, Xamarin allows developers to build Android and iOS apps with a single codebase. 

We can call the Xamarin framework a trendsetter in the web development industry. It builds modern and high-performance native apps for Android and iOS. 

That said, the success of your app project depends on how your Xamarin developer in India leverage this platform. Below, we will see how three leading sectors rely on Xamarin in 2022 to meet their goals and customers’ needs. These industries are e-commerce, fashion and gaming. Let us find out!

  • E-commerce 

E-commerce has become more crucial than ever, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last two years, e-commerce has shown extensive growth. We have a fact improving the same. 

In 2019, the worldwide revenue of e-commerce was 3.53 trillion US dollars, which is expected to increase to 6.54 trillion USD. When it comes to e-commerce, it is more dominated by smartphones and apps than desktops and websites. Here is why Xamarin is the first choice of e-commerce in 2022. 

    • Faster development – The online market has become more competitive than ever. Therefore, businesses must launch their products fast to outshine their competitors. Luckily, Xamarin can help them build feature-rich native-like mobile apps quickly.

Considering the mobile app trends, faster development and excellent apps are the primary highlights. After all, they help in drawing more target audiences and improving sales. 

    • Affordability – Another trend in cross-platform app development is lower development costs. The e-commerce industry depends on product pricing. So, by saving money on app development, businesses can offer attractive discounts. For this reason, Xamarin is loved by many because it reduces the development and maintenance costs significantly. 

How are top sectors in the digital ecosystem using Xamarin in 2022?

  • Fashion industry 

The fashion industry is the ever-evolving sector in the digital space. Like other sectors, it is investing in cutting-edge technologies to keep up with customers’ needs and demands. The fashion industry also leverages cross-platform trends for several good reasons. Xamarin is an ideal solution because it meets all requirements of the fashion arena. 

If you choose Xamarin for developing your fashion e-commerce app, you can ensure the next level of success. The following are the Xamarin features that the fashion industry favors the most. 

    • Analytics – Since the fashion industry focuses on meeting the needs and demands of customers, it is crucial to track their buying behavior. And depending on this, they can make changes in the marketing strategy. Thanks to Xamarin, it comes with custom analytics features. Hence, fashion retailers can integrate Xamarin to boost app performance and customer tracking. 
    • Highly-performant apps – The best way to boost user experience and build a brand is by investing in a flawless app. In 2022, we will customers looking for highly-performant apps to shop for because they offer a seamless buying experience. With .NET and C#, Xamarin developers can create apps with a smooth user experience. It is because they access the native and iOS libraries. 
  • Gaming industry 

The gaming industry is one of the primary contributors to the app marketing economy. Do you know 10% of online users spend time using gaming apps? Also, it accounts for 35% of non-organic installs. When it comes to gaming apps, they are different from e-commerce and retail apps. With Xamarin, developers can create next-to-perfect gaming apps that meet industry needs. 

    • Wider reach – The gaming industry uses multiple platforms, predominantly iOS and Android. The cross-platform development trend helps this industry reach out to the border market. 
    • Hassle-free updates – Another reason developers use Xamarin for gaming apps is easy updates. Hence, people can use stat-of-the-art gaming apps without worrying about online malware. 

In closing 

We live in the age of the internet, which has a cut-throat competition. Therefore, businesses across industries must opt for cutting-edge technologies to survive. Also, when you hire Xamarin app developers, make sure they are abreast with the latest trends and updates in the field. 

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  1. What is Xamarin good for?

    Xamarin is an open-source platform that helps build modern and high-performance native apps for both Android and iOS.

  2. Is .Net.Xamarin similar to Xamarin?

    No, Xamarin is a cross-platform application that uses .Net Xamarin as an abstraction layer. It helps manage communication of shared code with underlying platform code.

  3. Which database does Xamarin use?

    Xamarin runs on an SQLite database engine that enables Xamarin.Forms applications to load and save data objects in shared code.

  4. What are the business benefits of Xamarin?

    Xamarin has become the first choice of several present-day businesses for good reasons. Here are some perks enterprises enjoy with Xamarin.

    • Maximum exposure
    • Code reusability
    • Faster deployment
    • Easy updates and maintenance

  5. Which language Xamarin do developers use to build applications?

    Xamarin developers use C# to build highly-performant applications. It is a modern language and is improved than Java and Objective-C.

  6. Is Xamarin popular?

    Yes, Xamarin has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Nearly 14% of developers across the globe use Xamarin for cross-platform app development.


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