Why Not Buy Followers on Instagram?

Do you have a habit of buying followers on Instagram? You need to stop! I decided to write this article to show you why this practice is not right and how, in the end, it only generates losses for your business.

The truth is that, at first, it may seem very advantageous to choose this method to have an account with thousands of followers. However, in the long run, the reality is different and you will realize that it is more worthwhile to invest in other types of strategy to effectively conquer a significant number of followers on your social network.

Check out the 4 reasons why you should not buy followers on Instagram:

  • The account is followed by fake profiles

The main downside of buying followers is that the accounts are Fake. The company has the impression that it is sharing content for its audience, which is getting better known and reaching goals when. However, in fact, it is not talking to anyone.

  • After buying followers on Instagram, permanence is not certain

The expense to buy followers on Instagram is certain, but their permanence in their connections is not. That’s because the social network makes constant searches to eliminate fake profiles from the network and, with that, you end up losing followers instantly.

With that, your account will end up falling into a cycle of having to always buy more and more followers to keep up with a high number.

  • Account without much relevance to the social network

In the past, Instagram updated feeds in chronological order. Then, with updates to the network’s algorithm, the followers’ timeline became composed of an order of relevance.

The relevance of content or an account on Instagram is measured through the interaction and engagement that one has with followers. The account is simple: when the majority of followers are fake, there is no interaction. Consequently, the platform understands that that profile has no relevance.

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  • Your account may be penalized by Instagram

In addition to looking for fake profiles, the social network also searches for accounts that have many followers of this type. With that, buying followers on Instagram can bring you even more damage, since you can be penalized and have your account taken down.

What is the alternative to not buying followers on Instagram?

There are several strategies that involve gaining followers on Instagram without having to pay for it and that can yield you great results, in addition to getting rid of all the disadvantages mentioned above.

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