Why doesn’t my site appear on Google?

I published my website on the internet, but when I search Google, Yahoo and Bing I can’t find it. What are the reasons?

  • How long ago did you publish your page?

Google, like other search engines, may take a few days to find your page and index it in the search engine. Before despairing, wait at least 4 or 5 days to do a new test using: www.yourdomain.com in the search box.

  • Is the search you are conducting for your domain name or keywords?

After a few days of publication, using your domain name in the search should bring your site into a Google search result. That is the theory.

However, if your domain is composed mainly of generic keywords you will be competing with other companies that already have sites with better indexed content than yours. In digital marketing, indexing pages is very important. Learn How to Remove A Page From Google’s Index?

Competing with the top positions will be a much more challenging task, since the Google ranking is essentially based on: importance, relevance and the page rank of your website.

Simply put:

Your website has to be very well indicated by other links on the internet;

Your website must have excellent content to attract visitors and keep them connected to you;

Your website has to be visited a lot, by different Internet users, who stay on your site as long as possible, looking at different pages and generating conversions (buying, throwing, asking for quotes, sending emails).

  • In terms of programming, what was the language used?

Flash sites, although very beautiful and full of life, are not correctly viewed by Google. In addition, they are very heavy and cannot be opened on mobile devices. For SEO purposes, I recommend to avoid this. If you can’t help it, think of a solution that covers the limitation of this language.

  • Has your site been properly prepared to appear in Google searches?

Avoid using technical language, what you need to think about is:

Does my website have a good Menu structure?
Does my site have content more than 4 levels deep from the home?
Have all the titles, descriptions, and indications in images been made in order to help my website in an explanatory way?

Today, having a website means much more than putting any programming and information on a domain. It requires design, well done programming with SEO tools, quality content and a beautiful strategy aimed at the WEB audience.


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