Top Vue.Js plugins and packages

What are the Popular Vue.Js Plugins and Packages?

While the beginning of 2022 is not so great, you can still make the best of it. With the COVID-19 variant “Omicron” spreading like a fire, masks, strict social distancing, and work from home are likely to return.

If you want to start your online business, hiring a Vue.Js development company in Armenia is an ideal solution. Given the situation, it is advisable to work with freelance Vue.Js developers. You must be wondering why Vue.Js when there are several other JavaScript frameworks.

Vue.Js, also known as Vue, is an open-source JavaScript-based framework that creates dynamic applications. It is used to build attractive user interfaces and Single-page applications. However, the reason that results in the popularity of Vue.Js is the ease of development. If you want to make the development process quick, easy, and reliable, leverage the plugins and packages of Vue.Js.

Please remember, Vue.Js has a sizeable repository of plugins and packages. You cannot use it all in your project, as it may lead to crowding. And unnecessary plugins and packages will affect the speed and performance of your application. For this reason, we have listed the top Vue.Js plugins to use in 2022.

  • NuxtJS

Being an extension of Vue, NuxtJS helps simplify most configurations. But how does it work? It configures your Vue project by eliminating the use of boilerplate code and bundles. It ensures well-organized code with the help of a predefined folder structure. NuxtJS seems an excellent tool for developers because it writes code faster. The following are the key features that make NuxtJS a preferred plugin.

    • Server-Side Rendering –

      It helps in improving Search Engine Optimization.

    • Static Site Generator (SSG) –

      Another efficient feature for static sites to improve their SEO. SSG ensures pre-rendering of the content into HTML and indexes it quickly.

    • Auto-updating server –

      Rather than setting up the process manually, Nuxt.Js offers an auto-updating server. It ensures faster development.

    • Default web application structure –

      Vue.Js comes with a default code structure, which aids in organizing your web application from the beginning.

  • Vuetify

Vuetify is an open-source UI library for Vue.Js. Based on Material Design, this plugin can help you make your app look attractive and engaging. Do you know Material Design supports the design language of Google and Android?

When it comes to Vuetify, it has hundreds of components that create a visually appealing web application. Some elements are chips, buttons, app bars, modals, and more. The best part of these components is they are highly functional, unique, interactive, and pre-styled. In addition to this, they work well with Vue 2 and Vue 3.

Vue JS Packages

In simple words, Vuetify helps you create a top-notch interface without needing to build components from scratch.

  • Vuex

It is an official state management pattern and library, which functions as centralized data storage. You can use it to store and access components of your web application. Vue.Js predictably uses mutations. It works differently in a traditional way.

For example, data passes from one component to another with the help of props. But if you use this method in large applications, it will turn messy and intractable. This is because they need several components to share data. Fortunately, Vuex has resolved this issue by storing information in a centralized manner.

  • VuePress

Created by Evan You, VuePress is a simple static site generator for Vue.Js. The primary reason to build this plugin is to meet the documentation needs of Vue.Js sites. It has a feature-rich theme by default that creates a documentation site.

  • Vuex Persisted State

Vuex, a state management library/pattern for Vue.Js, comes with plugin support that is Vue-persist. It is a teeny-weeny plugin that syncs your website with LocalStorage automatically. How does it help Vuex? What difference does it make?

Using Vuex is challenging. It means when the browser refreshes, the state deletes by default. Thanks to Vuex Persist, it stores user information to reduce queries to an API. As a result, it retains the Vuex state.

  • Vue Meta

Vue Mata is another efficient plugin that you can use for your Vue.Js application to manage its metadata. But what is the need to manage metadata? Crawlers use it to access necessary information that helps them find the various aspects of a page. It includes the authors, titles, keywords, and more. However, the process of managing metadata is not as easy as it seems. For this reason, we have Vue Meta that makes it hassle-free and convenient.

  • VueChart.Js

If you want to add charts to your application, consider VueChart.Js. It is a JavaScript-based charting library, which allows developers and designers to add beautiful charts with ease. Besides plenty of built-in charts, you can customize the feel and look of your chart.

  • Vue QR Code Reader

For adding a QR code scanning feature to your online store, use the Vue QR Code Reader plugin. It allows you to decode the QR code by dragging and dropping images. Plus, you can scan the pictures in bulk to access QR codes.

In closing

By using these plugins, you can boost Vue.Js app development. Other Vue.Js popular packages are Vue Grid Layout, VueDraggable, Vee-Validate, and Vue Tour. Hence, you can build a creative application while improving your productivity. The members of the Vue community continuously contribute to making the framework better and advanced.

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  1. What do plugins mean in Vue.Js?

    When it comes to plugins in Vue.Js, they are a powerful yet easy way to add features to your Vue.Js app. You can use plugins in various ways, such as adding additional capabilities, distributing components in the app, etc.

  2. How to add plugins in Vue.Js?

    Adding plugins to the Vue.Js app is an easy process. It requires creating a module for exporting an object with an in-built install method. It comes with a Vue parameter for the Vue instance. Plus, this method has a variety of options object, which uses different options to pass in by calling Vue. use. As a result, it adds the plugin.

  3. How to remove the Vue.Js plugin?

    Like adding, removing plugins from Vue.Js is simple. Go to the “Dependencies” at the second tab on the left of Vue UI. Here, you can see a list of all plugins. On the right of each plugin, you will find a little trash icon. Use it to remove the respective plugin.

  4. What does progressive framework mean?

    Vue.Js is an open-source, progressive framework. It means if you have a server-side application, you do not have to build a Vue app from scratch. You can add Vue to your existing application and makes changes as required.

  5. Which is a faster JavaScript-based framework, Vue or React?

    Vue.Js is slightly faster than React because of its small size, 25.6 kb. On the other hand, React is double in size, 37.4 kb.

  6. Is Vue.Js a front-end or back-end framework?

    Developed in 2014 by Evan You, Vue.Js is a front-end framework. It allows developers to build dynamic web applications and interfaces.

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