A walkthrough of the benefits of using AI tools in content writing

Web content writing course to learn the benefits of AI tools

Everyone is talking about AI-based content generation tools, especially after the inception of ChatGPT. These tools can generate diverse versions of content automatically by utilizing a given topic or input. In addition, they can come up with various article titles, provide outlines for articles, and even write additional paragraphs for existing content. That is why many web content writing courses emphasize the importance of using AI tools correctly.

On the other hand, some experts believe that Artificial Intelligence is a foe to marketing. As a result, people still need to be more confident in using these tools. Do not be anxious! Our online content writing tutorial will explain whether AI tools are a friend or foe to marketing. Plus, we will cover the effective ways to use them.

Is AI-generated content good for online marketing?

While Artificial Intelligence is taking over many aspects of marketing, content creation still needs to be improved. There is a lot of talk about AI’s capability to replace human marketers, its impact on students who use it to write their papers, and whether thought leadership is authentic when AI produces it are some of the concerns raised.

In the previous year, Google announced that content generated by these tools would infringe on their webmaster guidelines. Hence, the content produced using AI tools will be deemed spam. They have updated their stance to target AI-generated content. The purpose is to enhance search engine rankings. It demonstrates that Google can monitor and flag websites that utilize AI for content generation.

Does that mean we should use AI tools at all? Read on to explore this online content writing tutorial.

AI-based content generation tools: The good

Given the current tumultuous marketing industry, it is understandable to feel uncertain about what actions to take. However, it is advisable not to jump to conclusions hastily. First, understand the good and bad of Al-based tools. When leveraged effectively, the technology can enhance and amplify the efforts of your current marketing team rather than supplanting them. So, instead of being wary of the changes, embrace them. But make sure to use them the right way. You can enroll in a web content writing course to learn tips and tactics. Below, we will explore how AI tools can be used to your advantage.

  • Use AI as a foundation

Are you someone who shares the struggle of beginning the writing process? If yes, you would understand the challenge of facing a blank page. Fortunately, AI tools such as Rytr, Copy.ai, Jasper, and ChatGPT can help kick-start the process by generating initial drafts of blog posts, social media copy, and email content with minimal human input.

These tools can even integrate relevant keywords for better search engine optimization. However, the magic happens when your agency offering the best content writing services in India takes the AI-generated draft and elevates it by adding its creative touch. It makes your content more engaging and relevant, which boosts its ranking on Google.

  • Increase productivity

What if each blog topic required only one to two hours for editing and refining instead of the extensive five or more hours for research, writing, and rewriting? Yes, it is possible with AI tools. As a result, the potential content output of your company increases while saving time.

Alternatively, your creative team could allocate those hours to crafting unique messages. With AI streamlining some tedious tasks in the process, the opportunities are boundless for generating the content of excellent quantity and quality.

  • Personalization

When you enroll in a web content writing course, you will learn that understanding your audience is crucial. After all, it is the key to establishing a brand and driving more conversions. But crafting customized content for each persona can be quite laborious, especially when attempting to reach every prospective customer. Fortunately, we have AI tools that help marketing teams generate more specific content without requiring round-the-clock effort.

AI-based content generation tools: The bad

AI has the potential to assist in various ways, such as by enhancing efficiency and saving time. Remember that technology is power. If used irresponsibly, you will face significant consequences. Let us talk about some downsides of using Artificial Intelligence for content generation.

  • Monotonous tone and style

AI content writing tools are nothing but language-based robots. Therefore, the tone and style of AI-generated content may be questionable, as it relies heavily on algorithms. Hence, there can be inflexibility in the writing that may sound more robotic. In addition, the sentences can be overly complicated with unnecessary complex words, a formal tone, and a passive voice.

  • Lack of creativity and uniqueness

AI operates on algorithms rather than human input and draws on existing content online. While this technology is constantly evolving and improving, it’s worth noting that the content created using these tools will lack uniqueness and creativity.

  • Redundant content

There are instances where a piece of content includes repetitive language. And it may go unnoticed if you do not have a good grasp of the English language or fails to perform a thorough review of the work. Therefore, hire a company offering the best content writing services in India, as they know to use Al tools effectively.

The bottom line

AI tools are still in their infancy. But are likely to become a permanent fixture in the marketing landscape. As marketers, it’s crucial to embrace the potential benefits of this technology while remaining realistic about its impact. While AI tools can help spark and direct human creativity, they are not a substitute for it. Do you want to learn the correct way to use AI in content generation? Then, enroll in a reliable web content writing course.


  • What are the content writing AI tools?

Content writing AI tools are software programs that use Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to create content for websites, blogs, and other digital media. These tools help marketers and content creators to create high-quality, engaging content quickly and efficiently.

  • How do content writing AI tools work?

Content writing AI tools use algorithms and Machine Learning to analyze and understand written content, including tone, style, and structure. Based on this analysis, they generate new content that mimics the style and tone of the original content.