Ways to Find Someone’s Email Address

Learn Email Marketing: How to Find Anyone’s Email Address?

It’s no secret that finding the right email address will help you learn email marketing and launch a successful outreach campaign. However, it’s shocking to hear that only 8.5% of outreach emails receive a response. Just imagine how many mistakes would be made along the way to such a low response rate.

Whether you want to find someone’s email address to contact an influencer, create a list of potential leads, or ask someone a quick question, there are lots of ways to find a particular email address.

No need to use all your connections to find email addresses and learn email marketing. No need to even spend a considerable amount of time and money on it. All you need is the right technique. And we will help you with that!

5 Ways to Find Email Address and Learn Email Marketing

Here’s a list created by an experienced email marketing agency, which contains a variety of ways to find email addresses. It will be useful to everyone, from sales professionals to online marketing experts in India.

  1. Look Around

Before you fire up any service or tool to learn email marketing, make sure you manually look for the correct contact email yourself. This is because you may end up with too many misfired emails if you rely completely on automations or tools. Technologies are a last resort. So, take the manual route.

Just search the website and click the link on the “contact page” in the header, footer, or sidebar. If there’s no contact page, or it only has generic email addresses, we would recommend jumping to the “about us” page.

  1. Use Google

Since there is a lot of information floating around online, you can search Google to access it. Use the search bar when you’re looking for the email of a specific person. Just type their name and try to find their non-domain email addresses. If that person’s email address is in the public domain, you will likely be able to get it within the search engine page results (SERP).

According to our email marketing agency, you can also try other combinations, such as the person’s name and the company name. It will only take a few minutes to run through the results, and won’t cost you a dime.

  1. Hire Email Look-up Services

There are several email discovery services and tools that provide ways to find an email address. All you need to do is to feed them a person’s name or website, and they will start finding the email. Some of the most popular email lookup services include Hunter, Find That Email, Anymail Finder, and Name2Email.

Keep in mind that these services are not perfect to learn email marketing. They offer a good solution for finding emails, especially in bulk, but aren’t always reliable and precise.

  1. Subscribe to a Mailing List

When a person you’re targeting has a newsletter on their website or blog, it’s a great idea to subscribe to their mailing list by using an opt‐in form on their website. This technique provides a great opportunity to start building relationships and learn email marketing.

Remember that most newsletter emails come from their personal email address. Just reply to the newsletter email with a quick query. Explain yourself clearly, so you won’t end up in the spam box.

  1. Ask for a Personal Connection

A generic email address or contact form is great for inquiries. They are mostly handled by support teams or VAs. You can shoot a simple message to ask them to connect you with the person you are willing to reach.

Please note that this trick works only if your email signature clearly signifies who you really are. If there’s a VA to collect email addresses for you, they should mention you as their boss.

What Else?

If you tried all these methods and still failed to find an email address, our email marketing agency recommends you dig deep into your own contact list, export your LinkedIn connections, or check their social media profiles. Whatever you do to learn email marketing, be responsible. That’s it!