A battle between VueJs and ReactJs to become the best framework

VueJs vs. ReactJs: Who Wins the Race as the Best JavaScript Framework?

Unquestionably, JavaScript dominates front-end development. Thanks to its powerful frameworks and libraries. A few years back, developing web applications was a tedious task. But JavaScript frameworks made it easy. 

Today, we have plenty of tools that ensure speedy and efficient development. It means you can choose an option that meets your business goals and needs. But having several options to choose from can also cause a daunting situation. In many cases, people make the wrong decisions, which affect the performance and efficiency of apps. 

VueJs and ReactJs are the two leading front-end frameworks of 2022. Most people struggle to choose one because both are powerful tools. Can’t pick between VueJs and ReactJs? Do not fret! Here, we have given a detailed comparison: VueJs vs. ReactJs. We bet, after reading this, you will know if you need a ReactJs or Vuejs development company in Armenia.

  • VueJs vs. ReactJs: A war between the top JavaScript frameworks 

Vue and React are two robust front-end JavaScript frameworks. We must say choosing between these is a tough call. After all, VueJs and ReactJs are performant and feature-rich tools. But what connects them on the common ground besides JavaScript? 

They share similarities like ease of learning, high performance, designing User Interfaces, virtual DOM models, etc. According to Stack Overflow Survey, nearly 68.9% of developers use ReactJs to build web apps. On the contrary, VueJs is a choice of 66% of developers for web applications development. Based on this statistic, these technologies are strong opponents in terms of popularity. 

  1. VueJs
    Released in 2014, VueJs is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework. It is predominantly used to create interactive User Interfaces and single-page applications. Here are the essential features to hire a VueJs developer in Albania.

    • Lightweight technology The feature that makes VueJs exclusive is its small size. The file size of VueJs is only 18KB to 20KB. Remember, the smaller the size, the better is the framework. Hence, developers can build small and lightweight applications with ease.
    • Ease of use and development – When it comes to VueJs, developers of any level can understand it easily. All because of its large-scale templates that help in saving time and money. In addition to this, its uncomplicated structure helps you find bugs and errors efficiently.
    • Easy to integrate – Another feature that sets VueJs apart is its easy integration with existing applications. It means the capabilities of this framework are not limited to developing User Interfaces and SPAs. The reason for its smooth integration is its dependency on JavaScript. And it does not need any other tools.
    • Flexibility – With VueJs, you have the flexibility to write desired templates with JavaScript, JavaScript syntax extension, or HTML. Given its lightweight nature and components, you can create any project. Also, if you want to switch from React or Angular, it is easy. After all, VueJs is a mixture of these two.
    • Two-way communication – Like Angular, VueJs offers two-way communication. It means both the server-side and client-end can initiate interaction. It makes HTML block handling faster and more convenient.
  2. ReactJs
    Developed and maintained by Facebook, ReactJs is a popular JavaScript library. It enables developers to build dynamic User Interfaces and SPAs. One thing that makes it exclusive from VueJs is its ability to develop cross-platform applications. It means you can render it on the server side while working on the client-side. The following are the reasons you should use ReactJs for your next project. 
    • Easy to learn – Compared to other front-end frameworks, learning ReactJs is easy. Anyone with basic knowledge of CSS and HTML can start working on ReactJs projects in no time. 
    • Code reusability – ReactJs developers can reuse codes for various functions. It saves them from writing a lot of code. Therefore, they can complete the development in less time. 
    • One direction data flow – ReactJs comes with the unidirectional data flow. It has an advantage over bi-directional data flow is you can make changes faster without affecting large data. 
    • SEO-friendly – The inception of ReactJs proved wrong that JavaScript frameworks are not suitable for SEO. When ReactJs work on the back-end, the virtual DOM renders the browser. It will boost page load speed, along with search ranking. 

In closing 

So, by now, you would have understood both frameworks are good in their ways. However, the choice for your project comes down to your needs and preferences. For a large-scale application, ReactJs is a suitable option. If you want to build a simple application with easy integration, hire VueJs development services in Armenia. 

If you are searching for a proficient VueJs developer in Armenia, contact Digi Duck. We house a team of experienced developers delivering quality services for years. 


  1. Which is the more popular framework between VueJs and ReactJs?

    Considering the trends on Google and Stack Overflow, ReactJs has higher popularity. On the contrary, VueJs has more stars on GitHub than ReactJs. So, both are equally popular.

  2. What is the primary difference between VueJs and ReactJs?

    We know both VueJs and ReactJs are excellent JavaScript tools. But VueJs is a framework, whereas ReactJs is a library.

  3. Which is a better framework between VueJs and ReactJs?

    It is not easy to pick the right option between VueJs and ReactJs, as both are excellent. But based on a developer perspective, Vue is easy to work with than React.

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