Top Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development in 2022

Top Reasons to Choose PHP for Web Development in 2022

Since the devastation of the COVID-19, online presence has become the only way for businesses to connect with their potential customers. This is the only way to compel them to purchase their products/services. As a result, there’s a huge surge of development frameworks, technologies, and stacks in the tech world. 

Choosing the right technology partner for your business website can be overwhelming as there are lots of options to choose from. However, there is one reliable option that has managed to carve a unique niche in the web development industry.

We are talking about PHP – one of the oldest programming languages out there. Built over 26 years ago, it has evolved from a web page builder to a scripting language that develops feature-loaded web apps and APIs. As of now, it’s used by 78.1% of websites worldwide. 

Why Choose PHP for Web Development

If you are planning to hire dedicated PHP developers in India, below are a few good reasons why PHP is the right choice for your web development project in 2022. Please have a look: 

  1. Free and Open-Source
    Being a free server-side programming language, PHP is free of cost, making it a great option for beginners who want to create web or e-commerce solutions. No need to pay for any additional costs or licenses. Also, it has a huge online community to keep you up-to-date with the latest web development trends, putting in constant efforts,so the language remains par excellence.
  2. Flexible and Dynamic
    PHP builds web applications that are highly secure. This is because it is an encrypted language, allowing web apps to refresh automatically without any manual intervention. It emphasizes developing feature-rich websites with the easy integration of different databases. You can quickly exchange all sorts of information from databases like MySQL.
    PHP offers next-level flexibility compared to other languages and can be customized to meet your unique web development needs. Plus, it can be combined with different libraries to createspecial graphics and effects.
  3. Fast Loading Time
    Unlike other languages, PHP takes less time to execute. Its code uses its own memory space, making it super-fast. This is one of the reasons why PHP web development is considered the best approach in the eyes of many developers when it comes to speed.In addition, PHP offers a hassle-free deployment process to allow developers to deal with any task in no time.

  4. Cost-Effective
    There are several reasons why PHP is great for web development in 2022. One of them is cost-effectiveness. Since PHP is open-source, compared to other scripting languages, it appeals to a wider market. It offers free tools and libraries for building high-speed websites without paying for anything. On top of that, PHP requires only a Linux server.
  5. Easy to Learn
    PHP is quite easy to learn and supports a user-friendly environment. In fact, it is one of the simplest languages out there. Furthermore, you have a large community of developers for assistance. What’s more? PHP is quite relevant to C and JAVA. Its syntax is much simpler and easier to understand. Plus, you can easily combine HTML, CSS with PHP.
  6. Plenty of resources
    PHP comes with insurmountable tools that are handy for developers seeking specific functionalities and features. Whether you need a framework, dependency manager, or an editor, PHP has everything. There’s a sea of documentation available online that’s accessible and addresses every topic pertaining to programming. Plus, PHP offers myriads of extensions to craft the right web solutions as per your needs.

  7. Customization
    If you want to developa design which exactly fits the requirements of your project, then hire dedicated PHP developers. PHP has various rich libraries that are easy to customize and optimize.That’s why developers use it with other languages like Java or Ruby to increase the functionality of your website.You can build any customized end product in the best way possible with PHP.

Final Thoughts 

You see, PHP is impeccable when it comes to developing web technologies that are being used in various e-commerce stores or web applications. It is open-source, cost-efficient, easy-to-learn, flexible, and customizable. The thing is, PHP is continuously growing its network and community and will always stay ahead of time.

Hire PHP developers in India. 


  1. What’s the Full Form of PHP?

    PHP is a scripting language which originally stood for Personal Home Page. However, it now stands for Hypertext Pre-processor.

  2. What are the Common Usages of PHP?

    PHP can gather data from files, save and send data, add, delete, or modify elements within your database, access cookies variables, set cookies, and much more. It can also encrypt data.

  3. Is PHP a Case-Sensitive Programming Language?

    Although PHP is a scripting language, it isn’t a case-sensitive language. In fact, it’s partially case-sensitive.

  4. What are the Benefits of Using PHP?

    PHP is a free and open-source language with no licensing cost. It also has a low hosting cost, easy integration, efficient performance, improved speed, and most importantly lots of enterprise-grade open source frameworks.

  5. What’s the Key Difference between PHP and JavaScript?

    JavaScript is a client-side scripting language and can make popups and other things happen on your PC. On the other hand, PHP is server-side scripting language, and does all the stuff with the server.

  6. What Skills do PHP Developers Possess?

    In addition to having soft skills like effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities, a good PHP developer should have a working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, MVC, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

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