Top 5 Content Tips that Engage and Convert!

Need new content ideas? Check out these 5 content tips that we brought to you in this post!

Creating content has become one of the greatest strengths of marketing in recent years. After years of an advertising disruption model, many businesses and brands understood that they needed to adapt their digital marketing strategies to attract their audience’s attention and sell more.

I’m not saying that advertising is no longer important (it still matters a lot!) But content marketing has gained a lot of strength in the last decade, along with the growth of the internet, connection speed and mobile.

Here are 5 content tips for you to get inspired and use in your business:


This first hint of content brings, in a questioning format that your client may be making a mistake. This type of content tends to work very well as it arouses the curiosity of the person on the other side.

Obviously no one likes to be wrong about any topic. We always think we do the right things, don’t we? In this sense, drawing attention to a possible mistake by your audience can make your message noticed.


  • Do you make this mistake in SEO?
  • Are you making this mistake when posting on Instagram?
  • You are making mistakes in your Facebook Ads campaigns. Know where.

2 Myths

Another tip of content that you can use in your market is the famous “myths”. And, believe me, you can find myths in just about any segment. Do you know why? This is because many of the “myths” are actually objections from their own prospects and customers.

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3 Trends

Another content tip is to talk about trends in your market. This always draws a lot of attention. It’s because we would all like to understand what the next months and years will be like and what scenarios will be drawn up ahead.

4 Controversies

Another tip of content is the famous controversies or sensational content. They are not really controversial, but they are highly flashy titles that often appeal.


  • The Death of SEO
  • What company X doesn’t want you to know

5 Interviews

The final tip of content is the interview format. This is a very interesting format as you (and your brand) start to relate to other people (and companies) in your market.


These are some content tips that can help you deliver greater value, inform or even entertain your audience. Never deny the fact that you constantly need to talk and understand how your audience thinks and acts.

Did we miss any other type of content that is not listed here? Leave it in the comments and let’s continue this conversation!!

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