Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

If you’re a digital marketing, looking for ways to boost your results, here are 5 Google Chrome extensions to increase your productivity in Digital Marketing activities. So, if you’re a digital marketing expert and love Google Chrome, then keep an eye on the information we’re going to share below. It will make your job a lot easier

Let’s get into it:

What are Google Chrome Extensions?

A good analogy for understanding what Chrome extensions are is to compare them to mobile phone apps. You go to the Web Store of the browser and choose some extensions that will aim to optimize the performance of the browser, improve its usability and, especially, offer very useful services to help you with routine tasks. For more details, you can also check the main aspects of Digital Marketing.


This extension will help you check if a particular website you are searching for has the Google tags installed correctly (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Ads). If there is a problem, it points out possible conflicts and errors.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

2. Facebook Pixel Helper

As the name implies, this extension helps you check if the Facebook Pixel is correctly installed on a website. It is very useful to understand if the pixel (or the events configured on it) is being triggered correctly when loading the site.

FB Pixel Helper


This one is for designers (and those who take a chance on designing). It is a great extension that makes it easy to find the hexadecimal or RGB code of any color, on any website. Just install it and use the dropper tool to extract the desired colors.



This is an excellent extension for those who work and are interested in SEO. Just install it and it will show you diagnostics about Google results, specific sites and page, including detailing possible errors and opportunities for improvement. It’s worth looking at!

5. Save to Pocket

Do you sometimes feel that there is a lot of valuable content to look at and little time to consume? This Google Chrome extension helps you (in parts of it). When viewing interesting content you can use Save to Pocket to save it and see it later.

Some of these extensions are available for other browsers like Firefox, for example.

Did we miss any other Google Chrome extension for Digital Marketing professionals? Leave it in the comments.

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