Tools for Social Media Marketing Companies

5 Tools for the Best Social Media Marketing Companies in the US

You already know how popular social media is when it comes to boosting brand awareness, generating quality leads, and driving conversions for the best social media marketing companies in the US. Why not? After all, nearly half of the world is on social media. The point is simple – if you want your brand to reach the maximum number of people, you have to have social media profiles.

The downside of social media is that it can be extremely time-consuming. Plus, it comes with so many different tasks, ranging from creative deeds to data-based activities. This includes jobs like tracking analytics, designing graphics, writing blogs, scheduling posts, and so on.

The Best Tools for Every Social Media Marketing Agency in the US

If you really wish to get your social media channels in shape, you need to seriously consider adding time-saving social media tools to your marketing arsenal. Here are some much-needed tools recommended by the best social media marketing companies in the US.

Tools for Social Media Marketing Agency

  1. Social Champ

If you are looking for a social media scheduling and management tool, then Social Champ is the answer. The tool will help you spread your content on different social media platforms at once. It claims to help users boost their audience reach by 75%.

Social Champ comes with multiple automation features and integrations that save time and effort. For the best social media marketing companies in the US, it offers an easy-to-understand user interface to promote your content. You can even repeat your content on Facebook and Twitter with this tool.

  1. Buzzsumo

It goes without saying that research is a vital part of any social media marketing agency in the US. If you want to perform great and leave your competitors in the dust, track and analyze them. What they’re doing or posting? What’s working and what’s not?

With tools like Buzzsumo, research is a breeze. This tool tells you how your content is performing and who’s spreading the word. You can find the most shared content, enter domains, find influencers, get alerts based on keywords, and more.

  1. Buffer

Buffer is another social media scheduling tool – used by the best social media marketing companies in the US. It allows you to put your content or posts in the queue to schedule them on different platforms. The tool has recently launched a new feature that allows you to include the first comment with your scheduled Instagram post.

  1. Lightroom

Adobe’s Lightroom is a fine tool when it comes to organizing and editing photos. Since social media is full of visuals, it’s imperative for your business to showcase vibrant, on-brand photos on its social media accounts. Features like sliders and filters make Lightroom user-friendly even if you don’t have much editing experience.

  1. Semrush Social Media Toolkit

Lastly, the Semrush Social Media Toolkit features a wide range of data and creative tools for different aspects of social media management. For example, you can create/schedule posts, edit images, create UTMs, and shorten links for more space. Also, track your key social metrics like reactions, mentions, comments, and engagement. You can even monitor your competitors on social media and track how often, when, and what they post.

To Sum Up…

Social media plays a drastic part in our lives and helps businesses market products and services to their target audiences. So, play your move cleverly. Use the right techniques to become the master of social media marketing. And these are the tools you will need to get deeper insights into your social marketing and stall tall amongst the best social media marketing companies in the US.


  • Do I Need a Social Media Tool?

    If you want to schedule your posts on different mediums, analyze where you can get the best traffic from, track good/bad performing content, or monitor other analytics, then you might need social media tools.

  • What are the Best Monitoring Tools for Social Media?

    Social Champ, Hootsuite, Buzzsumo, Twazzup, TweetReach, and Brandwatch are a few social media monitoring tools out there in the market.

  • What Free Social Media Tools Should I Use?

    Some free social media marketing tools to choose from are Social Champ, Buffer, Hootsuite Agorapulse, and Coschedule.