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The Ultimate Guide to Learn SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important terms in the business world, where businesses want to learn SEO marketing. Though many people believe that they know the meaning of SEO, not all understand how to maximize the benefits of search engine marketing services.

In a world where around 29% of people click the first Google result, every business is competing with that top position. To become successful, you need to have a tight grip on SEO. This guide will lead you through the basics of SEO. In addition, it also features ten free SEO tools.

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How does SEO Work? Explained by a Leading Marketing Agency in the USA

SEO works by helping search engines understand your website and placing it on the SERP (search engine results page) in front of an interested audience. Google’s co-founder Larry Page described the search engine as “understanding exactly what you mean and giving you back exactly what you want.” Sounds simple? Not exactly.

There are several factors like site architecture, content, and keywords that play an important role in communicating to search engines. Other factors like website speed, responsiveness, and user experience also matter to Google, and they should matter to you too. Let’s break down everything with the help of a creative marketing agency in the USA.

How to Learn SEO Marketing and Generate Website Traffic?

While SEO is not an overnight thing, it can bring in long-term ROI when done right. Though Google uses hundreds of ranking factors, you don’t have to know every ranking factor to succeed. Instead, you can focus on the most crucial ones to drive your target audience to your website. Here are three main ranking factors that influence search engine marketing services:

  1. On-Page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on the optimization of the pages of your website to make it user-friendly. It starts with technical improvements and then other SEO elements to optimize your E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) characteristics. You can probably name some of the on-page SEO elements like high-quality images and relevant content.

  1. Off-Page SEO

True to its name, off-page SEO consists of a wide variety of strategies and digital media marketing services that help you improve your search engine ranking on any website that isn’t your main domain, such as your social media or Google My Business profile. Off-page SEO elements include brand mentioning, commenting, guest blogging, social networking, and more.

  1. Technical SEO

Unlike on-page SEO that makes it easier for users to understand your website, technical SEO makes it easier for crawlers to understand. It helps you improve the indexability and crawlability of your website. So, think of itas a subset of on-page SEO. Some of the technical SEO elements include website speed, responsiveness, website structure, and so on.

5 Free SEO Tools to Learn SEO Marketing

Now that you know the basics of SEO, we are giving you a go-to collection of the top free SEO tools. These are intuitive, powerful, and absolutely free tools if you want to take advantage of search engine marketing services.

SEO Marketing Tools

  1. Google Analytics

In a Google-dominated world, Google Analytics is what most businesses work with to learn SEO marketing. We highly recommend you start using this tool as soon as possible. Why? Because there is no better free SEO tool that provides detailed information than Google Analytics. You can virtually access all the actionable and important data about website visitors, traffic, conversions, etc.

  1. MozBar

As mentioned above, search engine marketing services have a lot to do with knowing your content. With the MozBar tool, you can discover the right stuff at a glance and generate an instant report of the website you’re visiting. This toolbar has three main categories – page elements, page attributes, and link data. These categories display the nuts-and-bolts of on-page SEO, including the various tags, titles, descriptions, H1s, and more.

  1. Pagespeed Insights

Website speed is everything. The faster a webpage loads, the better the rank, especially when it comes to Google’s mobile index. Whether you are optimizing for tablets, desktops, or mobile phones, Pagespeed Insights will tell you what to fix. By using this tool, you can diagnose issues to make your website load faster on any device.

  1. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

If you want to monitor your website’s SEO health and see who’s linking to your website, then you need Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. To learn SEO marketing, run a complete crawl of your website with this tool and check for over a hundred common SEO issues. This free tool will also tell you why a particular thing is an issue and how to fix it.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Last but not least is Google Keyword Planner, which shows a list of keywords with corresponding data. This tool is designed for keyword research for Google Ads, making it invaluable in SEO’s toolbox. This tool is from Google itself, so many SEO experts believe its data is the most accurate to learn SEO marketing.

Over to You

So, this was our SEO guide featuring free SEO tools you can use to boost your traffic, clicks, and conversions. Hope this information will help you fine-tune your SEO strategy. If you want to learn SEO marketing, get in touch with the experts at DigiDuck.