The Dilemma: Hire Marketing Agency Or Do It Internally

When it comes to choosing content marketing, many companies are faced with this dilemma: produce the content internally or hire a specialized agency. The truth is that there is no correct answer, as both can have advantages and disadvantages.

Producing content in-house has several benefits. It allows for more in-depth content, greater involvement and identification with the company’s positioning.

But counting on an agency also has advantages, since you will have the knowledge of a whole team of specialized professionals, in addition to being more practical. You will not have to take care of recruitment, hiring and all the time investment in training one or more content professionals. That way, you can focus your marketing department on other tasks.

Take into account every detail, consult other companies and see which models they adopt and only then decide on the option that best fits the reality and needs of your company.

Now we hope that you are ready for your decision to hire an agency or not for your digital marketing strategy, check out our Top tips for marketing money at home too!

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