Steps to create your own creative & unique blog

Starting a blog: A step-by-step guide to create your blog

With the advent of digitization, reaching out to the target audience to promote your product or service has become easier than ever. In this digital space, content marketing like blogging plays a vital role in keeping customers and visitors engaged.

When it comes to blogging, it’s not limited to just filling out your blog section with irrelevant content. It will be a total waste. But if you want to attract more readers while maintaining the previous customers, write a creative blog that offers the readers relevant and useful information.

Today, individuals and businesses are leveraging various blogging platforms to communicate an idea or message and promote and even sell their brands. If you’re considering hosting a blog to educate, inform, advertise, or sell, but have no idea from where to start, don’t worry! We are here to help you create your own innovative and engaging blog in 2020.

An ultimate step-to-step guide to starting your blog:

Although hiring a professional to create a blog is a lot easier to get an attractive and unique blog, by creating your blog, you can save your money and time. Below we have given tips from choosing the right domain name to a blogging platform, web post, and more.

● Choose your blog’s domain name and niche

The first step of starting a successful blog is identifying your niche and selecting your domain name. Also, find out how profitable a particular niche will be, and accordingly, figure out your ideal readers. A niche is a specialization or field that you’ll be writing about in your blogs. Before you start writing, make sure you attain as much knowledge as possible of the subject.

Once you identify your niche, the next step is selecting your domain name, which is nothing but a web address. It will help online users to find your blog. A domain name, also known as the title of your blog, should be unique, easy to remember, and relatively short. Please remember, you can’t use a domain name that is already owned by someone else.

● Select a blogging platform

Numerous content management systems are available that help you publish your content on the internet without charging any fee such as WordPress, Blogger, Medium, Tumbler, Wix, and more. These platforms come with robust features that you can use to create an attractive, user-friendly website to post your blogs. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose the most suitable blogging platform for you.

The following are the things to consider for choosing the best content management system for you.

  • If you do not know how to code, it is best to go for a blogging platform that is simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Most of the platforms offer drag and drop options to add photos, videos, and more.

  • Customization is the key to make your blog stand out from your competitors and to add your taste to it. Therefore, choose a blogging platform that comes with customized plug-ins, themes, widgets, and other tools.

  • Another important consideration when choosing a blogging platform is the price. If you’re new to blogging, it is advisable to select a content management system that offers free services.

● Get web hosting for your blog

Now that you’ve selected a blogging platform, it’s time to get reliable web hosting for your blog. Most people get confused between the blogging platform and web hosting, but they are not the same. When it comes to a web host, it is the place where your blog’s data and information live within servers. The performance of your website will also depend on your choice of web hosting. Therefore, take a mindful decision when choosing web hosting for your blog.

● Find the right design for your blog

You might have already spent a lot of time thinking about the design of your blog. Trust me, creating a customized blog has become simpler than ever. All thanks to customized features offered by blogging platforms. Thus, depending on your taste and functionality, you can choose the theme, plug-ins, and widgets for your blog.

● Start writing and promoting your blog

You have a domain name and a beautifully designed blog site, and you are all good to go. Well, your actual work starts now. If you want to attract more readers on your blogging site, make sure you regularly write engaging and unique blogs and promote them on various platforms like social media networks.

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