Discovering common social media marketing mistakes

Social Media Marketing: Top Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid

With millions of users daily, social media remains the most engaging online medium. Businesses from all sectors take advantage of this for promotions. Thus, the demand for social media agencies in India is at its peak.

Indeed, social media marketing done right can help you accomplish desired goals. But it can also work against your reputation, and you may lose customers and sales. Why does this happen? The reason is common social media marketing mistakes. Even experts are sometimes guilty of these types of blunders.

Remember, social media slips are unforgiving. You will get paid for everything. For this reason, we have listed the top mistakes you should avoid when running successful social media marketing.

Mistakes every social media agency in India must know

These are small but can have a significant impact on your marketing performance. When you hire a company offering social media marketing in India, they must avoid these mistakes.

  • Neglecting caption

What is a social media caption in the first place? It refers to a small and catchy text you use for the images and videos. And most social posts fail because marketers do not pay attention to captions. They simply put some words without considering whether their audience will like them or not.

Your journey to successful social media advertising in India will start with captions. If you write too long captions, many users will not click to expand and read them. That means your hyperlink will go unnoticed if you add it at the bottom. As a result, your website or blog click-through rate will reduce or eliminate.

  • Improper hashtags

Hashtags are another essential aspect of a winning marketing strategy. However, most people fail to get them right. The first thing first, you never create your own hashtags. If you do so, they will not be of any use. Hashtags are keywords or phrases your potential customers use to search for you on social media. So, use relevant hashtags that make your content more searchable. Also, make sure your social media agency in India does not get overboard with hashtags.

  • Poor imagery

Social media is not a content-heavy platform like websites or blogs. It is more visual-focused. That means the first thing your prospects will notice about your post is an image. Do you know that appropriate and good-quality imagery can do wonders? But on the other hand, poor photos can turn off your target audience. Here are a few tips for using imagery for your social media posts.

    • Using animated photos for serious posts is a big no-no.
    • You may use videos, pictures, or infographics of your clients and customers if permitted.

Note:* Online users are more likely to engage with content having visual elements like images, videos, and infographics. So, use them correctly to grab the attention of your prospects.

  • Focusing on visible metrics more than clicks

You might have noticed that some Twitter or Instagram accounts have large followings. But still, their posts fail to get sufficient engagement. The reason is link clicks, which many marketers do not pay attention to. They focus on visible metrics such as likes, comments, and shares. It is not a sign of an unsuccessful post.

In many cases, users do not comment on your post for privacy reasons, or they do not have anything to say. If your post is appropriate and engaging, they will click on the link in the bio for more information. As compared to visible metrics, this click-through rate is more valuable for your business.

  • Not having a strategy 

Most people think of social media marketing as posting pictures anytime. But this is not how it works. Like other marketing techniques, it requires a strategy. To ensure successful marketing, your social media agency in India needs to consider metrics. These are available freely on all social media channels. Based on this, they will understand the right time and days to post content.

For example, your content shows better performance on the weekends. Therefore, schedule your post on those days. Besides this, consider at what time of the day they are active. These metrics will also give an idea of what type of content works more effectively.

Put simply, avoid posting on your social media whenever and whatever you want. It might not serve your business purpose and goals. Instead, create a social media marketing strategy before sharing content.

  • Self-promotion

This is the most common mistake people make when using social media marketing. Before you do something like this, understand that people come to social media to relax and lighten up their moods. They are not here to look for your business advertisements. Rather than self-promotion, share mixed content that involves helpful tips, tutorials, news, etc.

In closing  

Social media marketing can make or break your brand reputation on the most used digital platform. For this reason, one should avoid all the possible mistakes when sharing content on social networking sites. It might look like a small error, but how online users see it will vary remarkably. Therefore, you should not take any chances and hire a reliable social media agency in India.

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  • What are the different types of social media marketing?

There are six types of social media marketing available today. You can choose the most suitable based on your goals and needs. These are

    • Content marketing
    • Sponsorship
    • Social media management
    • Influencer marketing
    • Building your following
    • Paid media
  • Which are the core pillars to ensure successful social media marketing?

If you want to make the most of your social media marketing, integrate these core pillars. We have listed these below.

    • Strategy
    • Planning and post
    • Listening and engagement
    • Analytics
    • Advertising