SEO vs PPC: Should I invest in SEO and PPC?

When you’re using Google to reach your potential customers, that big question can arise. However, you can no longer think about positioning yourself on the internet without thinking about the Google homepage.

There are two main ways for a business to reach a prominent place on Google. It is important to understand each of them and what they differ from. The two strategies are called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC). 

Shall we talk better about them?


SEO seeks to place your site in good rank on Google’s organic search lists for keywords related to your business. You cannot pay for placement in organic results.

SEO strategies almost always involve good content and a website designed to facilitate navigation. However, there is a myth that SEO is a way of marketing without spending, which is not true. 

It is impossible to achieve a good SEO result without long-term planning and investment in content. That is why it is also necessary to have patience for the results to come.


PPC is paid advertising on Google. These are ads displayed above the organic search results, as well as on the right side of the search results.

The main thing to understand is how PPC ads are displayed at the top of a Google search results page. Typically the top three results of a local search are ads related to the subject.

It is also important to understand that most people will click on the results at the top of the page, which, unsurprisingly, are exactly where the ads that make Google money are positioned.


To begin to understand the differences between SEO and PPC you need to understand that they actually have different deadlines.

With PPC, you can launch a campaign and, almost immediately, your ads will start appearing on the first page of Google. SEO, by comparison, is a long-term investment, where you have to wait at least three to six months to see results. In a competitive market, this can even take up to more than a year.

If you are planning to be in the business for the long term, be patient, and hire a good SEO company. The return on investment in organic products is usually higher and also contributes to other areas of marketing. A reflection of a good organic positioning on Google is the generation of authority on the subject.

A great advantage of PPC is that it will give you clear and measurable results in the short term. You’ll know exactly how much you spent on clicks and how many leads, as well as how much revenue was generated on return.

Google doesn’t make money from SEO. They make money from Google AdWords (the name of the PPC tool). They are constantly launching new products for advertisers, and they love local business advertisers. This is because your business is very relevant to researchers and improves the company’s main product.

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