Tips to make your event marketing a big success using SEO

SEO Marketing for Events and Conferences: A Complete Guide

Marketers have been using SEO to improve website visibility and draw more traffic. But the use of SEO is not limited to websites. You can use it to promote events to your target audience. With successful SEO marketing, your event will rank higher on search engines. As a result, your potential customers will find them easily. If you wish to invest in search engine marketing services to boost event registration, this guide is your best bet. It entails the best SEO practices to use for your event marketing strategy.

A guide to using search engine marketing services for event promotion

Whether you are hosting a networking night, a social event, or a conference, leveraging SEO strategies can help you accomplish goals. These include event registration, social mentions, ticket sales, ticket revenue, and sales at the event. With the right search engine marketing services, you achieve what you want. Let us dive into the practices below.

  • Conduct keyword research

It is tempting to pick the most desirable venues, towns, or cities for your upcoming event. That’s where you go wrong. Instead of directly booking your event venue, it is advisable to do keyword research first. There are plenty of tools that help you identify relevant keywords to draw traffic. For example, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer helps choose the best location based on search volume and traffic potential.

  • Collect essential event details

The next step to make the most search engine marketing services for your event promotion is to gather the necessary details. These are crucial to improve the search visibility of your event. Some details include the event title, description, venue name and location, date, start and end time, address, phone number, website, cost, etc.

  • Take your event to Google

Getting your event information to Google is essential for successful SEO marketing. The good thing is you can do so by using several ways, like incorporating an event plugin, using an event schema to mark up the webpage code, and leveraging a third-party website. Many companies offering search engine marketing services use a combination. Below, we have explained each method.

    • Using an event plugin – In the first method, you can take advantage of an event plugin for incorporating events into your website. It will automatically help you take your event information to Google. The Events Calendar plugin is one of the most popular add-ons for WordPress.
    • Using third-party websites – Yes, one way to get your event on a search engine is by listing events on your site. Another option is you can use third-party websites to add your event. Some popular options are Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Eventbrite, and more.
    • Marking up the webpage code – If using a WordPress plugin or a third-party solution does seem right for you, go for marking up your event page. It is a manual method that uses event schema. It is the easiest way to get your event on Google.
  • Event page validation

The next step is validating your event page for SEO. The Google Rich Results Test tool can help you understand when Google crawls the page. Moreover, it will display accurate event details in the event schema format.

  • Promote your event

It is time to promote your event online to grab more links and press coverage. These will help you improve your SEO and marketing efforts. Your search engine marketing services provider will choose the following options.

    • Facebook Events – The social media platform offers an event listing feature. It helps you book, view, and add events. To use this, go to Facebook Events and create a new event. Now, fill in the field using your event details and publish.
    • Email list – You may also use an email list and share your event details with your customers and subscribers. It is one of the best ways to tell them about upcoming events.
    • Social media channels – If we say promotion, we cannot forget about social media. It has millions of users where you can reach your target audience. You can use tools like Linktree to add your events to social media channels.
  • Monitor performance

Once you have promoted your event using search engine marketing services, it is crucial to monitor its performance. Google Search Console is an excellent tool for tracking how your event performs. On the other hand, Eventbrite offers reports on attendees, sales, and traffic.

The conclusion

By following these SEO practices, you can ensure successful event marketing. It allows you to promote your upcoming event to more people. It results in increasing your registration, ticket sales, and other goals.

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  • What are the fundamentals of event marketing using SEO?

If you are planning to use SEO for event marketing, here are a few things to consider for success. These are:

    • Identify your target audience
    • Set realistic and achievable goals
    • Build an event page
    • Promote it
  • What do 3Ms refer to in event marketing?

The 3Ms play a vital role in making event marketing successful. These stand for market, media, and message.