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Search Engine Optimization: How to Convert Blog Traffic into Customers?

Do you know how many bloggers publish content in the digital space? You will be surprised the number could be millions. Woah! That’s huge. You must be wondering why to include blogging in search engine marketing services if so many people are doing it already.

But blogging is an essential component of SEO. In most cases, online users make decisions based on the content you offer. Good, engaging, and helpful content can improve your credibility among your audience.

According to Hubspot, businesses that combine blogging with other search engine marketing services generate 67% more leads. Now, the question is how to ensure your blog outshines the rest. As we learned, they are millions of people blogging every day. Of course, you need to write high-quality and relevant content. But practicing SEO must make your blog more discoverable and attractive.

Do you want to learn SEO marketing techniques that lead to more conversions? Then, you are at the right place. Below, we will list the best SEO practices to accomplish your goals.

Search engine marketing services to improve your blog visitors and conversions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital if you are looking to rank your blog on Google. It involves adding relevant keywords, back-linking your blog to other high-end websites, and more. Let us say you do not prioritize SEO. What will happen? In that case, your blog will not appear in searches. The following practices can make your blog SEO-friendly.

  • Pick the relevant keywords

Writing quality and helpful content is a must for your blog. But it will not be SEO optimized without the right keywords. Google is the most popular search engine, and its algorithm considers keywords as one of the ranking factors. These keywords are words or phrases your potential customers use while searching. When you add keywords to your blog, follow these tips.

    • Choose keywords most relevant to your blog topic.
    • Use Google’s Keyword Tool to understand the relevance, monthly searches, and competitiveness of similar keywords.
    • Incorporate keywords with a natural flow throughout your blog. It should not look forcefully added.

The best search engine marketing services involve using the latest updates in keyword marketing.

  • Title optimization

Do you know that 80% of online readers just read the headline? That is why it is crucial to write compelling titles. The first step to do so is to understand the interests and needs of your readers. Besides this, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The success of your search engine marketing services depends on your blog titles.

    • Keep the character limit of your headline under 66. It helps your title fit perfectly on a search page.
    • Do not forget to incorporate the focused keyword you have used in your blog.
  • Opt for longer content

Longer blog posts of more than 1000 words get higher rankings on Google and other search engines. According to Hubspot, most well-performing blogs have nearly 5,700 words. That means if you write articles of around 3000 words, you will experience more engagement, backlinks, and shares. As a result, you can get desired results from your search engine marketing services.

Longer content may scare away your target audience. The best way to encourage your viewers to read more is by showing a short preview. Plus, add “read more” tags if they wish to continue.

  • Use relevant images

Images and other visual effects can boost the readability of your posts. It is proven blogs with pictures perform better on search engines. But what is it so? Reading plain text can become bland. For this reason, it is crucial to use images because they break up content. Besides this, they help you make your blogs more attractive and memorable. Make sure the photos you use are relevant to your topic.

One reason to use images is they are easy to remember. In addition, Google appreciates posts with visual elements.

Note:* When you use pictures, do not forget to include a caption or title. Moreover, you should use focused keywords and ALT tags.

  • Create authentic and helpful content

All these tactics will work if you publish high-quality content. Google has become particular about ranking websites that deliver original and helpful content to users. It has recently rolled out a new “Helpful Content” update. Now, Google’s algorithm will focus on content that meets audience needs and requirements.

Do you want to make the most of your search engine marketing services? Then, publish authentic and informative content.

The bottom line

If you wish your blog to grab more attention from potential customers and improve ROI, prioritize SEO. You can avail yourself of the benefits of organic traffic without spending a fortune. But the success of your blog will depend on relevance, consistency, and helpfulness. Most importantly, hire the best search engine marketing services that match your business goals, budget, and needs.

Hopefully, you will implement these tips and make your blog SEO-optimized. If you want to know more, follow DigiDuck’s blog.

  • What do you mean by blogging strategy?

A blogging strategy is nothing like a business plan. But rather, it is a mapping of how you will accomplish your blogging goals. Unlike other marketing strategies, it does not focus on details.

  • What is a basic structure of a blog?

Content writers or bloggers must follow a particular structure to make their blog posts more presentable. A blog structure consists of a title, introduction, explanation (body), and conclusion.