Responsive Web Design 5 Secrets Every Vue.js Developer Should Know

Responsive Web Design: 5 Secrets Every Vue.js Developer Should Know

Creating a beautiful website and slapping your content into a single column no longer please today’s mobile-savvy users. As the internet is increasingly accessed from mobile devices, it is not enough to have a static web design. You also need to make it responsive, so that your website looks great on different mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

With that being said, lets’ discuss…

What is responsive web design?

According to a leading Vue.js development company in Armenia, responsive web design is a client-side technique used to support different layouts on one website. It is an innovative approach that ensures websites look well on different screen sizes and devices.

For instance, your content may be separated into different columns on a mobile phone. This could be because they aren’t wide enough to accommodate the screen size. By following a responsive approach and hiring a Vue.js development company, you can make it possible to deliver multiple layouts of your content on different devices. 

Here are the key elements of responsive websites. 

  1. Streamlined Mobile Navigation
    Your website may look appealing. However, if visitors can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they will bounce away. You need to understand how to arrange each web design element in a way that is easyto find and access. To create a positive first impression on your website users, you can include a custom navigation menu or simply change the location and style of the existing one.

  2. Decluttered Content
    Sometimes the content doesn’t transfer well onto all mobile devices. The best way to cut it down is by de-cluttering the unnecessary part. Focus on your marketing strategy and design your website content with mobile users in mind. If you need more help, hire a Vue.js development company to remove the unnecessary elements from your website.
  3. Well-integrated White Space
    Just like your website layout, logo, and other design elements, white space is essential. It makes your website look more appealing and spacious while avoiding users from getting overwhelmed. Thus, make sure every tiny element in your website is nicely displayed on different devices.
  4. Optimised Images
    Large images can make your website load slow, which can lead to a high click-off rate. So, create a balance between page performance and visuals. Be ruthless when it comes to removing the visual components that are not crucial to performance. Also, choose images that are flexible and adaptive when they are scaled up or down.
  5. Fluid Grid
    Last but not least, the fluid grid is a crucial element of responsive websites. Made of fluid-width columns and fixed gutters, it provides fluidity byensuring your web design elements are placed exactly where they are supposed to be. With a well-defined layout, you can make things easier for the website users and complement automatic resizing.

Now that you’ve understood the most important elements of a responsive web design, it’s time to build your website with an experienced team of Vue.js developers.


  1. What are the benefits of having a responsive website?

    A responsive website offers many benefits, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, great user experience, wider reach, and better SEO prospects.

  2. How do I know whether my website is responsive?

    You can usually assess your website for mobile responsiveness simply by viewing it. Technically, a website should be examined with Google’s mobile responsive test.

  3. What happens when my website is not responsive?

    Users will experience difficulty while using your website on different mobile devices. This is because your website will not provide the ease of use they expect from a modern website, lowering lower search engine indexing.

  4. How to make my website responsive?

    You will need to add advanced programs and designs tomake your website responsive. You can get in touch with our creative team of Vue.js developers for more help.

  5. Is it affordable to create a responsive website?

    Yes! We provide affordable and quality responsive web design solutions. After understanding your needs, we will offer a customized solution that is pocket-friendly.

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