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React Native: Why is it known as Developer’s Delight?

Time-efficient and cost-effective development is the need of the hour. We have several tools and technologies offering the same. But the one that took the world by storm is React Native. 

According to a Stack Overflow survey, React Native ranks 6th among the most loved web development frameworks. The thing that makes React Native unique from other tools is that it serves everyone. So, from businesses, to online users and developers, everyone is happy using this framework. It is no wonder why most entrepreneurs hire React Native development companies in New Jersey. 

Without a doubt, React Native has a plethora of features and capabilities. But what caught the attention of many is that it helps improve the productivity of web developers. With the framework offering guaranteed faster and affordable app development, it is best to hire a React Native development company in New Jersey. Still not convinced? Well, let us help you! Below, we have listed why React Native is known as developer’s delight. Let us dig deep. 

  • Speedy development – If it takes you one month to build a native app for Android, it will take you about two months for both Android and iOS. But thanks to React Native, developers can create Android and iOS apps faster. The code reusability of this cross-platform technology allows you to launch a hybrid app with the same code. After all, you do not have to write separate code for each platform. It ensures speedy development. 
  • Third-party integration – Another feature that makes React Native a developer-friendly framework is its third-party integration. Developers can use third-party plugins and components to create a dynamic and accessible web application.
  • Easy to learn – Written in JavaScript, React Native is easy to read and write. Anyone with a basic understanding and knowledge of JavaScript can create a web application with React Native. Besides this, the framework supports third-party integration, making the process more convenient. As a result, developers, both new and experienced, can easily use React Native. 
  • Incredible community support – Do you know the success of a framework also depends on its community support? When it comes to React Native, it is backed by a strong community. It offers massive opportunities for learning and resources, unmatched security, and accessible components for developers. 
  • Future-ready framework – Unlike other technologies, React Native is a robust framework. It means the future of this open-source technology is bright. The framework is also easy to maintain and helps developers fix bugs fast.. All this makes React Native an ideal choice for web developers. 

The bottom line 

We just learned that React Native is developers’ first choice because of its intuitive design, attractive user interface, and easy-to-access third-party libraries. As a result, developers can build robust cross-platform web applications quickly and efficiently. If it sounds like the right solution for your project, hire a React Native development company.

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