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PHP Web Development in 2022: 5 Tools Every Developer Needs

PHP is the most loved programming language in the digital space. Indeed, it is one of the oldest languages. But still, it leads the web development industry. As per the data by W3Techs, PHP empowers nearly 78.9% of websites on the internet. 

The most prominent reason PHP is relevant among several modern scripting languages is regular updates and advancements. The core team is working continuously to make PHP fully featured and more convenient. Each year, it undergoes an improvement and releases cutting-edge tools and features. If you want to hire PHP developers in the Philippines for your project, here are tools to swear by. 

These web development tools ensure efficient and faster programming, which is why most developers love them. They make their lives easier with less complicated web development. 

Whether you are a PHP developer in the Philippines looking for the best development tools or a business owner, you are on the right page. We have listed the top PHP web development tools trending in 2022. Anyone can get confused with countless tools available for PHP development. So, this post is a guide to choosing the perfect fit for your needs and goals.

  • Netbeans 

Netbeans is one of the widely used tools in PHP development for various good reasons. It offers a free integrated development environment to developers and designers. As a result, they can build robust web applications effortlessly.  

What makes Netbeans an ideal development tool is its compatibility with other languages like HTML5, C+, and C++. Besides this, it has countless features that simplest web development with PHP. These are:

    • Database tool
    • Code formatting and hinting 
    • Git syn 
    • Compatibility with multiple platforms
    • Syntax highlighter 
  • Zend Studio 

Zend Studio is another popular PHP web development tool because of its agility and speed. It is an enterprise-level integrated development tool that builds excellent web apps and websites. The best thing about Zend Studio is to use it as standalone software or with a Zend server. 

Why do developers love this tool? Well, it enables them to write code and debug quickly and conveniently. Thanks to this incredible tool, you can deploy a PHP application on any server. Here are some unique features of Zend Studio.

    • Cutting-edge debugging 
    • PHP profiling 
    • Docker support
    • Smart code editor 
    • Easy code migration to PHP 7
  • Sublime Text 

Do you know what makes a PHP developer successful? The answer is writing and executing a lot of code. That’s where Sublime Text comes into the picture. It is a professional-grade code editor preferred by several PHP developers. Also, it allows you to install several plugins and packages to write PHP codebase with ease. The following are assets you can get your hands on using Sublime Text. 

    • File type recognition 
    • Syntax highlight 
    • Auto-indentation 
    • Intrusion free
    • Sidebars and macros 
    • Prominent command 
  • Cloud9 

We are not talking about cloud 9 that you feel when you are happy (wink). It is a cloud-based tool by AWS that offers an integrated development environment. Hence, it helps developers write, execute and debug code using only a browser. Besides this, developers can leverage its exceptional features to build dynamic web applications in 2022, including:

    • Code restructuring 
    • Unified debugger
    • Default image editor 
    • Concurrent analysis of language 
  • NuSphere PHpED 

Are you working as a PHP developer for a while now? If yes, you might know about NuSphere PHpED or have at least heard of it. Many PHP development services providers in the Philippines prefer this tool. Why? It comes with a reliable dbg debugger, excellent code editor, and highly-secure deployment. Let us have a look at other capabilities that empower PHP developers.

    • PHP code reorganization 
    • Integration with PHPUnit 
    • Parallel debugging 
    • Support for multiple devices
    • Compatibility with multiple languages 

In closing 

These are the most popular PHP web development tools in 2022. Depending on your project size and goals, your PHP development company in the Philippines can help you choose a suitable tool. These web development tools are packed with top-notch features that boost PHP development. 

If you are searching for a reliable company that offers PHP development in the Philippines, contact The Digi Duck. We have years of experience in delivering top-grade services at the best prices. 


  1. What is PHP?

    PHP refers to a Hypertext Preprocessor that allows developers to build both static and dynamic websites. Besides this, you can use PHP to manage databases, dynamic content, session tracking and more.

  2. Why do you need a PHP web development tool?

    Thanks to constant improvements, we have plenty of PHP web development tools. The purpose of using these tools is to improve the efficiency of writing code. Therefore, developers can build feature-rich web applications faster.

  3. How much do PHP web development tools cost?

    If you are worried about exceeding your budget with PHP web development tools, you should not. It is because most tools are available for free.

  4. Which is the most popular development tool?

    As we learned, plenty of development tools is available for PHP programming. But Netbeans is the topmost tool with 18M downloads and the first choice of 800K developers.

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