Choosing between PHP and Python for your next project

PHP vs. Python: Who Wins the Race as the Best Scripting Language in 2022?

We cannot emphasize enough that 2022 will be more competitive for online businesses. So, they need robust solutions to stay on the top. Remember, we are not talking about having a website or mobile application. It does not make much difference in improving your business growth. 

It is time to look for cutting-edge tools to create dynamic and high-performing applications. The first question comes down to which scripting language to choose. With several options available, it is a daunting task to pick one. Currently, PHP and Python are the leading programming languages for backend development. In this post, we will explain a detailed comparison between both. After this, you can decide whether to hire a freelance PHP developer or a Python developer. 

  • PHP vs. Python: Choosing the best programming language 
  1. Introduction of PHP and Python
    PHP, also known as Hypertext Pre-processor, is the leading language across the globe. Nearly 78% of websites on the internet are built with PHP. It is an open-source programming language with excellent features and capabilities. It allows developers to create high-quality page content.
    On the other hand, Python refers to an interpreted top-notch coding language. Developers use it in various ways, such as software development, web development, and system scripting. Its ability to use an interpreter system, ease of coding, and compatibility with different platforms have caught the attention of many programmers.

  2. Key features of PHP and Python
    Now, you know about PHP and Python. We will look at the exclusive features that make both reliable solutions. Let us unveil the features of PHP.

      • It supports multiple databases, including MySQL, Oracle, and more.
      • It comes with predefined error reporting constants that alert or offer error notice to developers.
      • PHP offers quick logging to users based on their recent accesses history.
      • It is compatible with diverse platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X.

    What does Python have to offer? That we will find out below. Here are the unique features of this programming language.

      • Easy to learn and maintain.
      • It allows developers to execute codes on different platforms without changing the interface.
      • It has an automatic garbage collection feature.
      • You can leverage interactive debugging and testing sessions with Python.
      • It can integrate with programming codes written in JavaScript, C, and C++.
  3. Ease of learning
    Unlike PHP, Python is a general-purpose coding language. It means programmers can pick up Python in no time and start coding. Shorter programs and easy-to-read and -write codes have caused Python to become a preferred choice of many. When it comes to PHP, it is comparatively complicated because it allows building web applications.

  4. Documentation
    Documentation is another vital thing that makes any technology reliable. Well, the good news is both PHP and Python have well-written documentation. You can access plenty of websites, discussion boards, and forums to learn tutorials using PHP and Python.

  5. Speed
    That’s true! The previous versions of PHP were significantly slow. But with the release of PHP 7, developers can write codes three times faster than Python. Speed is a crucial performance factor in web application development. Therefore, you should use a programming language that offers a faster loading speed on a website with millions of users.
    Both PHP and Python are known for speedy loading. However, PHP outshines the latter because of its incredible speed. If faster website loading is your priority, hire an on-site or freelance PHP developer today.

  6. Community
    Both flaunt extensive community support. Talking about PHP, it is one of the oldest programming languages. So, it is likely to have a much wider community of proficient developers and designers. But being new in the industry, Python has impressive community support.

  7. Cost of development
    Building backend applications with PHP and Python is cost-effective. After all, both programming languages are open-source and free. It means you do not have to pay any licensing fee. If you want to get your web application customized, expect some expenses. 


The bottom line 

Given this discussion, we cannot declare a winner. Both programming languages are exclusive and build dynamic applications. However, the choice depends on a project’s needs and goals. So, do your searching to understand your target audience and their pain points. 

If you are searching for a reliable backend development company, get in touch with DigiDuck. We house a team of proficient on-site and freelance PHP developers and Python programmers. 


  1. What are the other emerging programming languages for the backend?

    Besides PHP and Python, other popular backend programming languages are JavaScript, Ruby, and .Net.

  2. Why choose Python for your backend development?

    The primary reasons to use Python for your project are faster execution, easy maintenance, and ease of debugging.

  3. What makes PHP the best programming language for your web application?

    PHP offers numerous benefits for backend development, including:

    • Compatibility with multiple platforms and almost all servers.
    • Ease of learning and free to download.
    • It supports various databases

  4. What are the common Python-based frameworks in 2022?

    Python comprises a range of powerful web frameworks that make development faster and more efficient. These are Flask, Django, Pyramid, Pylons, and more.

  5. What are the popular PHP-based frameworks to consider?

    Some of the widely used frameworks of PHP are Laraval, Zend, Symfony, and more.

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