Metaverse Can Transform Marketing

Metaverse: Is it the Next Big Thing in Marketing?

Imagine yourself walking down a street, and suddenly, you think of attending a live concert by your favorite musician. Instead of planning a physical visit or surfing a live video, you just put your 3-D glasses on and dive straight into the “metaverse.” Sounds interesting; doesn’t it? Let’s see how this interesting concept is gradually spreading in the marketing world.

A Quick Look at the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg suggests that the Metaverse is the next evolution of social connection. It is a set of virtual spaces where you can hang out with friends, visit different places, buy products, and attend live events. According to our Digital Strategy Agency in India, the Metaverse is about creating an alternative 3D digital world, where users can interact with the computer-generated, immersive environment. The concept is new and innovative, which is why every tech-giant is showing keen interest in it.

“Today I think we look at the internet, but I think in the future you’re going to be in the experiences.”- Mark Zuckerberg

How Metaverse Can Transform Marketing?

For many online marketing experts in India, the Metaverse is going to be one of the biggest platforms for marketing in the next five years or so. It is going to disrupt the way digital marketing is done these days. Big brands like Gucci, Nike, Disney, and Facebook know this and are in the midst of building virtual communities, content, assets, experiences, and worlds.

Below are the ways in which Metaverse can change the marketing world for good.

  • Influencer Marketing

Brands are spending as much as $15 million annually on influencer marketing these days. A huge chunk of this sum is spent on virtual influencers. As of today, virtual influencers are ruling the marketing sphere and are likely to grow in numbers.

Recently, Puma launched its virtual influencer Maya for the marketing campaign in South East Asia. Other brands are following the same path and are using real people for their avatars. For instance, Burberry has just created a digital double of supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner for its TB summer monogram collections.

  • Content Marketing

In the future, social media may allow users to create 3D, augmented reality avatars. People can use these avatars to browse websites, play games, and make purchases. Thus, the options available to content creators and marketers will become endless.

When it comes to content marketing, videos and GIFs are already prominent in the metaverse. Therefore, it may change content marketing by facilitating the creation and sharing of interactive graphics that respond according to the actions of the user. Brands can use such content to their benefit by allowing users to learn more about their products, services, and goals.

  • Sensory Advertising

There is a growing disinclination towards social media, which is accompanied by indifference towards advertising (especially amongst youngsters). Most smartphone users are skipping advertisements on the go. So, it’s possible that in the future, brands may follow a new marketing approach, where Metaverse will play a key role.

To infiltrate the minds of modern-day customers, the tactile stimulation of haptic technology would be a great way to go. This would increase consumer engagement by simulating a social presence.

Final Thoughts

The metaverse is soon going to be a new iteration of the marketing world. It will create more opportunities for communication and branding. In short, the new era of marketing is on its way. So, get ready to reap its full potential with the best Social Media Marketing Companies in India.

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