steps to create a blog and make money

5 Steps to Start Your Own Blog for Making More Money

Are you looking for an idea to make more money online? If you said yes, we can guide you. Being the top content writing agency in the US, we can vouch for a blog. 

In the era of Instagram and TikTok, being an influencer seems like the best way to earn money. But that is not true. You can make a handsome amount without having massive followers on social media. 

Are you wondering how that is possible? It is by writing engaging blog posts. Thanks to online content writing tutorials, you can learn to do so in no time. One thing you should know, content writing is not about telling cool stories. But it involves adding value to your readers. 

If you want to get started with your blog, we have got the five steps for you to do it right! But, we will discuss about the steps in the later sections. 

Before learning about starting a blog, you need to master the art of good content writing. After all, no matter how well-designed your blog is, it will not generate money if the content is not good. 

  • Why do top content writing agencies in the US stress writing good content?

According to the Internet Live Stats, millions of posts get published online. That means a lot of competition. It might feel intimidating to stand out among volumes of blog posts. But if you know what to do, you can cross all barriers. One piece of advice for writing great content is discovering unique insights that your readers would love. The following are the elements of making your content readable: 

  • Essential elements of great content 

The first step to make your blog posts more impressive is to understand your purpose of writing. Unless you know why you are writing the content, it may fail to meet the needs and demands of your audience. For this, you need to know about your potential readers and their pain points. 

Once you have the purpose, follow these tips to write excellent blog posts. These are: 

    • Choose attractive titles – The first thing readers notice in a blog post is its title. Also, 80% of them decide whether to read the entire article based on it. So, always write simple and eye-catchy titles. Remember, it should not exceed 65 characters. 
    • Engaging introduction – Let’s suppose your audience clicked the blog’s link after seeing the title. Will they read it till the end? It depends on the introduction of your blog, which compels them to read the entire piece. Therefore, make sure the intro of your post is engaging enough. 
    • Consider your user intent – Another way to improve the readability of your content is to keep in mind user intent. Most experts highlight this in their web content writing courses. After all, ultimately you are writing content for your audience. 

If you consider user intent when writing a blog post, you are more likely to meet their expectations. With this, you can also improve the quality of content. 

Now, you have an idea of how to create unique and valuable write-ups. Shall we get into the steps to build your blog? If you are ready, read below. 

  • A step-by-step guide to starting your blog

Building a blog is very simple. You should know your niche and goals. Besides this, we have platforms and technologies that you need to choose from. If you are starting a blog for personal use, DIY is the right option. But for enterprise blog, it is best to hire the best content writing agency in the US. Professionals know the latest trends and guidelines that work for businesses. 

Whether it is your personal or professional blog, these steps will help you through the process. 

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1. Identify your niche

When selecting your niche, choose the one where you have passion and interest. To make this easier, ask yourself what you want to write. If you successfully recognize your niche, consider what new you can offer to the audience. There is a surplus of information available for every topic on the internet. 

As per experts, it is advisable to select an underserved niche, as it is content deficient. It gives you the advantage of being the first to provide valuable information. On the contrary, if you choose a niche with millions of blogs every day, attracting an audience will not be an easy feat. Moreover, if your content is not up to the mark, you will get lost in the crowd. 

In addition to identifying your niche, you should know your target audience. In some cases, specifying an audience can help you understand the topics you should pick. If you provide your audience with what they want, you can ensure a better connection with them. Consequently, earn more money. 

2. Get the right content management system

If you know your niche and audience, the next step is choosing an ideal content management system (CMS). It refers to a software platform that allows you to create, publish, and manage your content. Content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Spotify, and Ghost are boons to bloggers. They aid in creating your blog without using HTML and writing code. 

Most CMS platforms are open-source, which means no licensing fees to download. All the available options are robust and feature-rich. You can choose your platform based on your needs and goals. With years of experience in the field, we are acclaimed as the best content writing agency in the US and other regions. Thus, if you struggle to decide, our professionals can assist you. 

On the other hand, WordPress is a widely used content management system. As per W3Techs, over 42.9% of websites use WordPress. 

3. Buy a domain name and hosting account

After this, you need a domain name and blog hosting account. The former refers to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your website. It is essential to buy a domain name because your audience will use it in the browser to search for you. Some of the leading platforms to purchase domain names are GoDaddy, Bluehost, NameCheap, etc. 

Note:* Your blog name and domain name should be the same. In this way, users can find you easily. 

Additionally, you need web hosting to launch your blog. There are two ways to set up your blog hosting account, such as: 

    • Setting up your hosting.
    • Working with a website builder service to ensure in-house web hosting. Some well-renowned options are Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. 

If you face difficulty in deciding which one to choose, you can take help from the top content writing agency. : 

4. Incorporate necessary plugins and tools

When it comes to content management systems, not even a single one is based on a one-solution-fits-all. It means you need to set up additional plugins and tools to improve the functionality of your blog. You can contact the best content writing agency to purchase the most suitable plugins and tools.: 

For example, by setting up reporting tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor the performance of your blog posts. Depending on the result, you can identify which blog post is and isn’t working. The next time, you will choose better topics. And eventually, you will grow and yield more money. 

Remember, adding extra tools and plugins will cost you money, as they are premium features. 

5. Write and publish engaging content

The final step is creating valuable blog posts so that your audience keeps coming back to your blogging site. But in many cases, people take it lightly. In the end, their blog and efforts fail miserably. 

Do you know a blog can help you earn more money than becoming a social media influencer? However, it should be done right. At the beginning of this post, we explained the fundamentals of good content. Please follow the tips when writing your blog posts. Since you want to monetize your blog, include a call-to-action in each post. Besides this, if you want to become a proficient writer, get enrolled in web content writing courses available online. 

The bottom line 

If you follow these steps, you can build a successful blogging site. If you want to stay relevant in your niche, publish engaging content consistently. You can reach the top content writing agency to get better assistance in building a blog and posting fresh content. The most important thing, you cannot start making money instantly. Wait for 6-12 months to see positive results. Stay tuned for interesting topics and till then happy blogging! 

If you are searching for the best content writing agency in the US, Digi Duck is the best bet. We have a team of proficient writers committed to delivering top-grade content. 


  1. What is content writing?

    Content writing refers to the process of writing, editing, and managing content in the digital space. You can write content in different forms such as blog posts, social media copy, web page content, video content, product description, infographic, press release, etc.

  2. Why do businesses need content writing services?

    If you own a business blog, there are several benefits to outsourcing content writing services, such as

    • Expert writers
    • Saving the cost of hiring a full-time team of writers
    • Multiple services under the same roof
    • It makes your business more flexible
  3. How long should I wait to see noticeable results from my blog?

    When it comes to blogging, it is not an overnight process. You need to wait for at least 6-12 months to see the actual results.