LinkedIn Vs. Facebook Marketing Tutorial

An Ultimate LinkedIn Vs. Facebook Marketing Tutorial: Where to Invest?

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses market their goods and services. It plays a vital role in helping them reach their target audience. But with many social media sites, choosing the best one takes time and effort. If you cannot decide between Facebook ads and LinkedIn, do not worry. This LinkedIn vs. Facebook marketing tutorial can assist you on the right path.

Indeed, Facebook and LinkedIn are popular social media networks with millions of users. So, wondering which one you should concentrate on for your goals is common. There is no need to worry. We will cover everything for you. Thus, you can choose a platform that best matches your goals.

A complete LinkedIn vs. Facebook marketing tutorial

First, let us briefly review both platforms.

LinkedIn is a professional network that was first developed as a tool for corporate hiring. The platform flaunts over 875 million users globally.

Today, it offers features akin to those on conventional social media platforms, such as status updates, blogging tools, and private messaging. In addition, it serves as the best platform for distributing content and ensuring audience participation. The best thing is you can easily find LinkedIn social media marketing tutorials by experts.

On the other hand, Facebook was created as a platform for communication and sharing. No doubt, the “sharing” feature is the main selling point of Facebook. But it has many other functions that help companies advertise their products to the right audience.

According to this survey, 74% of shoppers in the US depend on Facebook to find new brands and goods. So, it gives an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their marketing game strong.

These two are the best platforms for businesses. However, your particular needs and long-term business objectives will determine the better fit for your company. We hope this LinkedIn and Facebook marketing tutorial helps you make a sound choice. Here is a look at the information you require to make an informed choice.

  • Target audience

The first step to running a successful social media marketing campaign is to identify the hangout spots of your target market and go there to meet them.

So, who do you want to reach with your current marketing initiatives?

There is no better option than Facebook if you want to reach out to many average Joes and Janes. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and uses it regularly. If you want to ensure a strong online presence, this social media platform gives you constant access to 2.8 billion users.

Moreover, Facebook allows diversifying your audience based on age. Do you know 10% of users are below 18 or older than 64?

On the other hand, LinkedIn has significantly fewer users than Facebook. But its audience consists of businesspeople. And they are here to grow their network and meet potential clients and customers.

If you own a B2B Company, LinkedIn makes an excellent platform for networking. You can enroll in an online LinkedIn and Facebook marketing course to learn about targeting the ideal audience in-depth.

  • Goals for content creation

Once you pick your ideal platform, the next is considering your current content creation approaches.

Let us say your company relies on powerful visual advertisements to grab your customers’ attention. In this case, Facebook is a better option because of several factors. The primary reason is it supports visual content like images and videos. Thus, it can cater to your needs very well.

On the contrary, if your business depends on exchanging information such as industry updates, B2B protocols, and expert insights, you need a LinkedIn social media marketing tutorial.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn users can leverage great graphics or engaging videos. But they utilize the site for professional reasons.

  • Group function

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have group functions that offer many opportunities. For example, they help you find new clients, generate leads, and join pertinent discussions.

However, why you should join these groups can vary based on these two platforms.

For instance, you are seeking professional engagement. It is best to join a LinkedIn group or participate in conversations. Here, you will meet new potential clients and engage with industry experts.

Contrary to LinkedIn, Facebook users are casual. In short, they can be anyone student, homemaker, etc. By using this platform, you can discuss fascinating subjects, including current events, food, travel, and entertainment. To learn more about group functions, follow Facebook marketing tutorials by experts.

Note:* Facebook groups allow you to develop personal connections with your target audience and learn insider information about their thoughts or emotions.

  • Marketing goals

Another factor in our LinkedIn and Facebook marketing Tutorial is marketing goals. You can choose from a wide range of advertising alternatives on LinkedIn and Facebook. Remember, the choice is specific to your goals and needs. You can send the right message to the right target demographic with excellent user-friendly ad management.

Facebook and Instagram are equally effective at delivering advertisements tailored to each user’s preferences, value system, and platform usage. But consider the results you hope to achieve with your upcoming advertising effort before deciding.

If you want to create serious business prospects and target potential ad receivers based on factors like job title or industry, LinkedIn is the best option.

In contrast, Facebook is a superior option to increase your reach to billions of people.

In closing

Using social media for personal and business purposes is drastically different. Personal posts can be spontaneous, whereas social media marketing ads must be strategic. However, choosing the best social media network is the first step in ensuring a successful marketing plan. Therefore, make sure you do it right.

After going through our LinkedIn and Facebook marketing Tutorial, you must know the most suitable platform for your goals.

We hope this post is helpful to you. To read more informative posts, follow our blog. At Digiduck, our experts have in-depth knowledge of various marketing techniques.


  • How does LinkedIn help your business?

LinkedIn is the best place to find the right talent for your business and collaborate with industry experts. Here are some benefits you can avail of using LinkedIn.

    • Better exposure
    • Generating quality leads
    • Building authority
    • Meaningful networking
  • How does Facebook help your business?

Facebook allows businesses to build brand recognition, establish strong relationships with customers, and create relevant conversations. Besides this, it offers numerous benefits.

    • Targeting specific audiences
    • Saving money
    • Establishing brand loyalty
    • Improving website traffic
    • Engaging with customers