The Most Effective (Yet Underrated) LinkedIn Prospecting Practices

LinkedIn Marketing Campaign: 7 Little-Known Ways to Find New Prospects

For most businesses, marketers, and salespeople, running a LinkedIn marketing campaign is a way of life. They use a variety of prospecting techniques on LinkedIn, such as keeping close tabs on what prospects post in groups. But, what if these techniques aren’t enough to fill your sales pipeline? What if you’re making marketing mistakes on LinkedIn? Here’s what can be done to revive your pipeline.

The Most Underrated Strategies to Include in Your LinkedIn Marketing Campaign

If you’re looking for new ways to find prospects on LinkedIn, this is the right place to begin your journey. Below are some little-known tactics to find highly qualified prospects on LinkedIn:

  • Peruse Your Competitors’ Networks

In this ever-vying business world, selling to your competitor’s customers isn’t easy, considering there is increasing competition out there. However, it is easier than sourcing a totally new prospect who has no experience with the kind of products/services you offer.

Here, all you need is a list of customers, which you can access from your competitors’ networks on LinkedIn. They are most likely to connect with their prospects, so keep perusing their networks when running a LinkedIn marketing campaign.

  • See Who Comments On Your Prospects’ Posts

When you browse your activity feed or notifications on LinkedIn, make sure you don’t gloss over the comments underneath your connections’ posts. This is because many of the people interacting with your prospects could be potential good fits for your LinkedIn marketing campaign.

Since they’re active on LinkedIn, you can send them an InMail that will get results. This may include a related perspective, sharing a relevant article, or asking if they’ve considered a specific data point.

  • Create a Search Alert

Having trouble reaching the right person at a prospective company? Then you should keep a close eye on their hiring. To do so, head to the company’s page, tap the “Jobs” button, and toggle the “Job Alert” option into the “on” position. Also, click “Manage Alerts” to choose a notification channel for LinkedIn to share hiring news with you.

  • Use Alumni Search

You know how to use LinkedIn’s standard search, which is incredibly helpful when it comes to finding new prospects or making use of digital media marketing services on LinkedIn. But how do you connect with the people who show up in your search results? Connecting through email or phone without a mutual interest isn’t easy. That’s why it’s better to rely on Alumni Search.

The LinkedIn alumni search helps you find people you don’t know, but with whom you share some common interests. This search would add “warmer” prospects to your LinkedIn marketing campaign. Use this link in your browser to get a list of new prospects who share the same interest: Visit here.

  • Look at “People Also Viewed”

It’s important to always check out the people listed under the “People Also Viewed” sidebar. Just visit the profile of one of your customers and then look to the right of their profile homepage. The sidebar will show other users similar to your contact. Subsequently, you can target and turn these users into prospects.

  • Re-engage Cold Prospects

Once warm prospects can easily go a little cold if your LinkedIn marketing campaign isn’t effective enough. But that doesn’t mean they are no more worth targeting. You can use tailored content to check in with them and remind them of your digital presence. Just put a friendly face to the name, personalize a video, include a special offer, and leave a customized call-to-action for scheduling a meeting at the bottom of the video.

  • Don’t Hesitate to Try LinkedIn Voice Messages

LinkedIn voice messages are relatively new, but very effective. They are not a feature many marketers and sales people are taking advantage of. That’s what makes LinkedIn voice messages an underrated opportunity to find and target prospects. In fact, they can help you earn a 20% meeting-booked rate on your cold outreach.

The Sum Up

To get started with your LinkedIn marketing campaign, evaluate whether or not you need to get a premium account. If you feel like polishing your profile first, then you can skip a premium membership. Until you gain confidence with the target audience and platform, keep practicing these approaches. Create a small prospect list and begin to work your way through it.

Happy LinkedIn marketing!

  • How effective is LinkedIn Marketing?

Compared to Facebook ad Twitter, a LinkedIn marketing campaign generates leads 277% more effectively. It accounts for 80% of B2B leads and is the top choice for professionally relevant content.

  • Is it good for my Small Business?

Yes! You can use different LinkedIn strategies to achieve your key small business goals. For instance, you can build your professional and personal brand, establish your authority on your topic, generate new prospects, and build your network of partners and vendors.

  • What LinkedIn Functionality should I Use?

If your LinkedIn marketing campaign is about sales engagement, it’s better to start a conversation with prospects, invite them to connect, start following them, and view their profiles. You can simply find these tasks in your Open Tasks.