Basics of Successful Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in India: A Checklist Every Marketer Needs

Are you trying to wrap your head around modern social media marketing in India? Then the chances are that you might be a bit overwhelmed. After all, there is a lot to take in these days; right?

Back in the day, there were occasional business profiles on social media. Fast-forward to the present, having a social presence is a must for businesses. Today, 80% of marketers rely on social media to boost brand awareness and 59% of users are looking for social media posts that can teach them something. Such is the story of social media marketing right now.

Learn the Basics of Social Media Marketing in India

If you feel like you’re late, no need to panic. To help you learn social media marketing in India, we are going to take things back to the basics. Whether you’rea new or seasoned marketer, get ready to level up your marketing game.

  1. Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Before you even start on social media marketing in India, figure out which social media networks you’re going to target. There many options like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, but you should determine which platforms have your target audience. Do some research on the key demographics that tend to dominate your industry. Then target those platforms that are most common among your target demographics.

  1. Set Up Your Profile

Once you know which platforms you’re going to target, the second step is to set up and complete your profile. It’s as simple as creating an account and providing all the necessary information to start social media marketing in India. The more business information you provide on social media, the better the branding.

Social media users hate it when they find a business account on social media with minimal information or photos. It doesn’t help them get to know that brand. So, work to fill out your bio and post branded images. Don’t skip to include a URL that will make it easier for users to discover and recognize your brand.

  1. Create a Content Strategy

Next on our social media checklist is creating a content strategy with a social media agency in India. Since engaging content is your primary tool for attracting prospects, plan what you are going to post from your account. Do you want to follow a more professional approach? Or do you want to present yourself as more laid-back? Determine early on what you are going to do with your content and how. Whatever you do, make sure your content expresses your brand’s unique voice.

  1. Develop a Social Media Calendar

Once you know what you’re going to post, figure out when you’re posting it. This is when you need to create a social media calendar for planning your posts in advance and making the process easier. Although you can create all your social media posts at once, you need to schedule them in advance. This saves you time and helps you ensure a cohesive social media campaign. You can use social media management platforms like Hootsuite to create your calendar and tools like buffer to schedule your posts.

  1. Always Respond to Comments and DMs

One of the simplest ways to engage your audience is by responding to their queries, DMs, comments, and tags. In fact, you can try starting a conversation if you’re struggling to generate comments. One step further, ask them to tag a friend, join a live session, or maybe share your content to boost your social media marketing in India.

  1. Monitor your social media performance

Last on our list is that you should monitor your key social media metrics. To get the best results from social media marketing in India, keep up with how it’s performing. Skipping social media analytics means your campaign could be underperforming without you realizing it. You can view metrics like clicks and impressions on most social media channels. So, keep up with these metrics and start taking the necessary steps to give them a boost.

There you have it!

A detailed social media checklist is going to help you stay on the top of your game. It represents a roadmap for businesses looking to build their social presence from scratch. To learn more about social media marketing in India, talk to us directly.