Tips to Boost SEO Campaign

Learn SEO Marketing: 8 Secrets No One is willing to reveal

In today’s digital-savvy world, businesses spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to learn SEO marketing. Their aim is to appear on the first page of the Google Search Engine. Why? Because of the average click-through rates (CTR) for the top search engine positions.

The logic is simple: The better the click-through rate, the greater the traffic and sales. But, it’s not as simple as it may seem. In order to take your business to the top results of search engine results, you will need the right search engine marketing services. You will need to create a result-oriented SEO strategy, which, unfortunately, isn’t everyone’s cup one tea. This is where a handful of insights and tips can save your day.

Learn SEO Marketing: Top 8 Secrets Revealed by a Leading Digital Strategy Agency in India

Without any further delay, let’s bring your attention to the most underrated SEO tricks/tricks and help your business website rank higher.

  1. Content Optimization is the Way to Go

First thing first, content is king, but without optimization, it becomes boring and outdated. This is because of the Google ranking factors. It is reported that there are around 200 ranking factors when it comes to ranking your content higher on Google. They are complicated and often hard to please. Plus, they are constantly changing with the algorithms.

Fortunately, one thing is sure: You can target Rankbrain, which is a component of Google’s algorithms. It uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence to decide on the pages that correspond to the user query the best. Now you may wonder how to optimize your content for Rankbrain? The trick is simple: Learn SEO marketing and create your content in a conversational language. Write in a natural language that makes sense and engages readers.

  1. Take the Visual-First Route

Ever seen those posts where the visual is a later addition to the text? They look boring and outdated; right? The point is: Visual appeal is important. I mean, it makes sense when you post stock images of handshakes, indicating business partnerships and sales.

Not only do visuals look good, but also provide a good user experience. That’s why it’s always great to plan ahead with the visuals and invest your time in a creative digital strategy agency in India. Moreover, it would be better if you could include graphs, infographics, and other relevant images in your content. Make sure the visuals are interwoven with the content and henceforth SEO.

Cooler Insights

  1. Build Links. Build Relationships

The backbone of any search engine is how it understands the links from one website to another. From relevance to the quality, everything matters when it comes to link-building. But what is it, and how does it work?

Link-building is the process of building credibility. This is done through backlinks or inbound links that are an importing ranking factor for Google. The key thing is that links are built upon relationships. By using search engine marketing services and connecting your content to trusted websites, bloggers, or influencers in your niche, you can developlong-term relationships and better link engagement.

  1. Never Skip Featured Snippets

As you may know, Google provides complete answers to search queries directly on the search results page. This makes it easier for the person who sent the request to not click on the website and read webpages for information. That’s what featured snippets are all about. They are the format in which Google delivers the answer on the search results page. Now, here’s a catch: Many users are more likely to read the snippet and hence restrain from clicking on the website. So, you may wonder that featured snippets would make you lose your organic traffic, but the reality is different.

Getting featured snippets boosts your website traffic. According to our digital strategy agency in India, they can help you get around 20 or 30% more traffic.Thus, optimize your webpages for featured snippets by making sure you pick questions with intricate or long answers. Your answer should not include just a sentence or two. Also, pay attention to the most trending pages and topics that can be included in featured snippets.

  1. Responsive Design Matters

You may be wondering why we are talking about responsive design. Well, why not? After all, it’s one of the core ranking factors of Google. With the increasing use of search engine marketing services and mobile-first designs, the number of smartphone users has surpassed desktop users now.

Having said that, some websites are still focussing on desktops rather than mobile phones. Google is pushing mobile-first indexing, and this is an indication to take a U-turn. So, if you are not the one counting on mobile-centric design, do it now for the sake of SEO.

  1. Stuff the Right Keywords in the Right Place

Every piece of content competes for rankings. Here, you need to consider the right use of keywords. Learn SEO marketing, so you can use the primary keyword in your description, text body, and internal and external links. Not only that, but you also have to focus on related words or phrases that may boost your search engine rankings.

Additionally, it’s great to incorporate long-tail and location-based keywords, so that your target audience can easily find your company on the internet. For the best results, stuff long-tail keywords in your main body or page title. If possible, try to create content around those keywords and watch your traffic boom.

  1. Check for SSL Certification

Many businesses focus on designing beautiful websites to get immediate results, but they are a little aware of how the whole web ecosystem functions. As a result, they get disenchanted with the final outcome and often tend to abandon their websites in the end. Here, taking care of a few basic things could have saved their day. One of these basic things is known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)certification.

Google pushes businesses to get their websites SSL certified. In fact, the Chrome browser displays all non-SSL or non-HTTPS websites as insecure. In a nutshell, SSL certification is a clear indication that Google has some serious concerns related to the websites that are yet to make the transition to HTTPS. Thereby, Non-SSL websites have higher bounce rates and low organic traffic. The solution is simple: Learn SEO marketing and take SSL certification seriously.

  1. Give Your Best to Meet User Expectations

Not meeting user expectations simply means not resulting in the desired responses from the users. They may browse your webpage for a while and then leave it due to lack of content, daunting web design, or complicated navigation. What happens when your webpage is deserted several times?

Your website may become vulnerable to high bounce rates, ultimately bringing your search engine ranking down. The longer they stay on your website, the better your rank becomes. Thus, focus on delivering a great user experience that meets most users’ expectations. Invest in the right digital strategy agency in India, so you can make your website easy to navigate, fast to load, and accessible to all mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

While SEO is not an overnight thing, taking the right steps will surely pay you back. According to our marketing agency in India, the biggest SEO secret is to be patient. Take one step at a time and track results to analyze what works and what doesn’t. Keep the above tricks in mind and watch your ranking shoot up. Hope you are clear enough now!

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