Is it safe to hire social media managers? Can I trust them?

Your Facebook page has a few monthly posts, your Twitter has a few followers, and you love posting on the company’s Instagram. With 50% of the world population present on the social networks, it is difficult to be left out.

But do you need a social media professional? The truth is, just posting is not enough. Just like any business, social media also needs a strategy.

If you don’t know where to start, consider hiring a social networking professional.

Is it safe to hire a social media professional?

You have three options for managing your social networks:

  • Hire a consultant.
  • Internalize the process with professionals on the team.
  • Hire an agency specializing in social media.

The choice depends on the size of your business, budget and the volume of activities you want to have.

In case of the consultant and agency, defining the value starts from the initial effort. If you still don’t have a significant audience on the networks, this beginning is more difficult, and that’s why the person will spend more hours, not counting the investment in ads.

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After that, to keep growing, you need to plan and build the content that will be posted. The tools used vary depending on the professional. Often times, you will need to request graphic pieces from a designer, for example.

Employees, on the other hand, begin to monitor the daily activities of the networks more closely. It is especially good for the need for many publications. Even so, you will need to assess whether the content will be produced by another hired professional or by freelancers.

The fact is that the social media manager takes care of the following aspects:

1- Initial configuration of social media platforms.

2- Content planning and interaction with customers.

3- Structuring and broadcasting paid media.

4- Optimization of strategies according to data analysis.

Choosing professionals also depends on how much you know about social media. Hiring an agency or consultant may require a little more attention.

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A few more tips to define the social media professional:

  • Evaluate your goals against the strategy. If you just want to manage a crisis, a consultant is the best choice. If you want to invest to triple the reach of your posts in the next year, it is recommended to hire an agency or an in-house professional.
  • Think about your budget. Social media marketing strategy can be time consuming. Therefore, hire according to the planned budget.

What else can a social media professional do for your business?

Whatever the model, you should have clear expectations from the start. See what else a social media professional can bring to a business.

Management of all platforms

Even though there are many social media platforms, you probably won’t be able to use them all. But how do you define this?

The social networking professional will know if your company should be present on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example. Besides, you’ll be able to run tests to find out the best times, days and frequency of posts.

Keep the company updated on the latest changes

The social media professional is always researching the rules and changes of each platform. Not only usage policies, but changes in image sizes and post style.

Thus, you prevent your pages and profiles from being harmed by not being in line with the latest trends.

Manage your message

When a company uses social media, especially many platforms, it’s easy to get lost in the process. If that happens, the message that the company is trying to get across may reach customers the wrong way.

It is the responsibility of the social media professional to produce correct and attractive posts.

Track growth

Closely monitoring the performance of each of the channels is essential. Without it, your company may not know how to take the next steps.

Collecting reports is not enough. You need to interpret them in order to assess their performance.

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But do you need it all now? Check out the signs below that show it’s time to hire a social networking professional.


You know you need someone to manage your social networks when:

  • Realizes that you are spending too much time maintaining social media alone.
  • Has a marketing budget to hire.
  • Has enough revenue to upgrade some things, including social networks.
  • Has no idea how to start having a presence on social networks.


In this post, we saw the importance of having a strategy for social media and hiring a professional for it.

We realize that it is worth hiring the professional. Just decide between consultant, collaborator or agency.


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