Best practices to send a great welcome email to your subscribers

How to Send a Captivating Welcome Email? Top Tips to Consider

Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with visitors and customers. Businesses and marketers across the globe swear by this marketing tactic to increase conversions and boost their sales. If you want to leverage this technique for advertising your business, you can hire a reliable email marketing company.

However, knowing what it takes to ensure a successful email strategy is crucial. You can make a decision that will boost your marketing effort.

The success of your email marketing relies on various factors. We will focus on the welcome email or the first email message. It can help you make a lasting impression on new subscribers and turn them into customers.

An effective welcome email can help you build trust and show your value to subscribers. If you are curious to know how to write a compelling welcome email, scroll down. Below, we have listed tips by leading email marketing agencies.

  • Begin with a clear subject line 

Have you ever encountered an email that you found compelling? You might have noticed “a catchy subject line.” That is what you need to follow. Your audience should be intrigued by your subject line to open and read the email. Your potential email marketing company will guide you in writing your email headline. But you should know what does it take? Here are tips to write an eye-catchy subject line.

    • The sender’s name should be correct. Always cross-check before you hit the send button. If you fail to pay attention to this small detail, your subscribers may ignore your emails or mark them as spam.
    • Do not forget to add words like “thank you” in the headline. It is a powerful word that instantly grabs subscribers’ attention.
    • Also, include a teaser in the subject line. Hence, your readers will know what the message is all about.

Note:* Your aim is to create a clean and exciting subject line for your welcome email.

  • Explain who you are and set realistic expectations 

Let us say your subject line was catchy enough to compel your subscribers to click the email and open it. What next? Here is what you can do to make them interested in your email.

Start by introducing your business and what you can do for them. For example, you are targeting enterprises struggling to get higher-ranking search engines. Use a story-telling approach to tell that you also faced a similar problem. And to help them, your product or services is the best match to accomplish their goals.

According to reputed email marketing companies, always establish realistic and achievable expectations. You cannot claim that your services will improve their online ranking overnight because it is impossible. People are getting smarter and more informed. They know what will work and what not. So, be genuine and show that you want to help them.

  • Do not make your subscribers wait

Many business owners make the mistake of making their subscribers wait for the welcome email. As a result, they may lose interest and approach others. Automate your welcome emails if you do not want to be in a similar situation. Like this, you will send a simple welcome message to subscribers once they provide their email addresses and names. An experienced email marketing company can assist you in this regard.

But what will happen if you make subscribers wait? If this question pops up in your mind, we will answer all your queries. Firstly, they will not find you reliable and trustworthy. Also, weeks or months of waiting can frustrate them. As a result, they may unsubscribe you.

  • Include a clear Call-to-action 

Many times businesses successfully write a great email message with catchy headlines. But they forget to tell subscribers what they should do after reading the email. If your readers do not know what to expect, they will close your email and forget it. Therefore, your marketing effort and investment will go in vain.

For this reason, your email marketing company includes a Call-to-action at the end. Additionally, you can add a link to your YouTube channel, blog post, or the product page.

The bottom line

Welcome emails have the entire burden of how your email marketing strategy will perform. So, send well-searched, clear, and compelling welcome emails. Treat your new subscribers as a priority. If you lose them, your marketing effort will fail. Also, work with a reliable email marketing company with the necessary skills and knowledge.

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  • What is a welcome email?

It is the first email message you send to new subscribers or shoppers. In this, you might welcome your new users for onboarding, or it could be a post-purchase email.

  • Why should I send welcome emails?

Do you know welcome emails have 86% open rates, which is way more than other marketing emails? Also, most subscribers expect these emails. You can make a lasting impression on your subscribers by sending effective welcome emails.