How to Promote Your Business Using Google Images?

Google Images is a tool widely used today to do research and, mainly, to advertise companies. Despite being well known, it has features that many people still don’t know.

With Google Images you can find photos, figures, illustrations and any visual information with just one click, and you can also filter according to the characteristics of your search. But, do you know how to use this tool to advertise your business? To optimize your website content, checkout Top 5 Content Tips That Engage And Convert!

This is a very common question among people. Therefore, in this article we will explain what it is, what its features are, when it came about and how to use it correctly.

In this article you will see:

  • What is Google Images?

  • How does Google Images work?

  • How to use Google Images to advertise my business?

What is Google Images?

Google Images is a service owned by Google, which allows users to search for visual content on the World Wide Web (www).

In addition to allowing the user to use filters to find the best photo, it is possible to remove inappropriate images from the results and still recognize commands used in the search for links to optimize the search.

But after all, do you know when and how Google Images came about?

Created in 2001, three years after the founding of Google, it has a reason for its emergence.

After singer Jennifer Lopez wore a Versace dress at the Grammy awards in 2000, the artist’s fans started searching for photos of the piece on Google. At that time when there was still no section dedicated only to images, and the results were directed only to text links.

After that, it was necessary to develop Google Images, where people could check out images. If you are in dilemma of choosing the E-Mail Marketing Program for your digital marketing strategy, checkout some  tips for choosing the best e-mail marketing program by top industry experts.

How does Google Images work?

There are different ways to find a certain image, such as using text or voice and using a tool called reverse search.

To do an image search on your computer, you will have four options to do this search:

  • upload an image;
  • drag and drop an image;
  • use a URL ;
  • right-click on an image;

How do I use Google Images to advertise my business?

Google images are becoming a trend these days, mainly to find products and services. This is because visual appeal is one of the main factors that influence consumers at the time of purchase.

According to Gartner’s forecast, by 2021, companies that adapt their sites to visual search will see a 30% increase in revenue.

How use Google Images to advertise my business

To advertise your business on Google Images, it is essential that you publish photos on your website, be it food, clothing, electronics or any type that is related to your market segment.

After that, make sure that this image is in “public” mode and is searchable, so that everyone can find your photo.

However, to increase the chances of your image being displayed in Google search results, it is essential that your image has a descriptive text, that is, a text close to the image, for example, an “alt” tag or a caption.

In addition, image quality is extremely important to attract the eyes of that person who is searching, generating traffic to your site and further increasing your position on Google pages.


We can conclude that having an image in high quality, attractive to demonstrate all the features of your product or service, it is essential to increase sales opportunities and your ranking in search engines.

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