How to Make Money without Leaving Your Home?

Social distancing required by the pandemic has led many people to lose their jobs or close their businesses.

Because of this, many people need to use their creativity to support the family, but a few have realized that it is possible to earn money without leaving their home.

We have listed four ideas to earn your extra income without getting out of your house:

1 – Work with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing offers the possibility of unlimited earnings, as the amount of money you will earn will only depend on your willingness to apply the right strategies. But after all, what is an affiliate? It is the person who sells third-party products over the internet, without having to create anything.

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2 – Sell multilevel marketing products

Multilevel marketing (MLM), also sometimes referred to as network marketing, originated in the USA, in the 1940s. Since then, it has gone through several cycles, adapted to different moments of the world economy and spread to several countries.

Multilevel marketing (MLM)

Network marketing is not deception. Quite the opposite: it can be a great way to earn money and do what you love. It is a way of undertaking that, if done with common sense and in the right way, can generate many benefits.

3 – Buy items from thrift stores and resale online

The idea is to buy cheaper objects and resell them to earn money at home. It works much like Dropshipping, but in this case you don’t have to sell new products on your site.

“This time, you’re going to buy good quality products at thrift stores online and you’re going to sell more expensively. That way, you resell the product and keep your share”, teaches the entrepreneur.

For this, you can create an online store or sell on Facebook groups, WhatsApp and even on other websites like OLX

4 – Testing websites, apps and products

Did you know that companies pay you to test sites, apps and products for them? Because the network is loaded with all the necessary files, some systems work perfectly in a test environment.

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