How to Make Money Online From Reddit: Artist Edition

Are you curious to start making money online? Well, we have brought these tips so that you can also enter the digital marketing game. So, let us learn how you can sell your art on Reddit and earn in dollars!

1. Create a portfolio

Choose what you want to do and collect your best art on one website! Want to sell cartoons? Build a portfolio of it!

There are several websites where you can register. In the art area, some of the most common are:

2. Sign up for a digital wallet

To receive money from abroad, you will need an international account! Two of the most used sites are PayPal and Payoneer.

3. Define how much you charge

Estimate how much time you spend on an artwork and charge a fair price for your work!

Don’t devalue yourself and the market with low prices.

But when we talk about charging for work that will be paid in another currency, which here will be the dollar, it is not enough to simply make your normal budget and convert the value, because, as the Real is more devalued, you may be charging below the price market there, don’t devalue yourself like that too!

4. Now, Reddit!

Create an account on Reddit and learn how to use the platform. Reddit is a site for communities (called subs), so look for subs of things you like to learn how to use!

Earn Karma! Karma is the measure of your contribution to communities.

You gain Karma with upvotes (which are like likes) on posts. To start, you will need at least 20 Karma.

5. Commission Subreddits

Artists can advertise their services and prices from Commission Subreddits. Search for commission subs suitable for your niche!

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6. Find customers

When you find people who are looking for commission, comment on the post!

READ THE ENTIRE POST, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE! People know this and don’t like it. Just copy and paste your portfolio and contacts, never a ready answer in every post.

7. Payment

If you confirm the order, send your PayPal or Payoneer email to the customer to pay you in one of the following ways:

  • 100% at the time of order
  • 50% upon ordering – 50% upon delivery

At all stages, remember to place a very large watermark that will be removed at the end of the job.

To never fall for scams, do nothing without getting paid first!

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8. Responsibility

Now you need to take responsibility for submitting sketches, receiving reviews, and having good conversations with your client.

By providing good service, you guarantee that your client will 1) refer you to other people, increasing your customer base, and 2) will return to work with you.

Always try to keep your customer up to date with your work: if you always communicate with them, you can avoid a lot of problems!

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