Insight into factors affecting the cost of developing a React Native app

How much is the Cost of React Native App Development in India?

Mobile apps are everywhere. From healthcare to food delivery, online shopping, and live-streaming, apps dominate all sectors. So, businesses of all sizes need to stay relevant in the digital space. 

Also, enterprises use a multi-platform approach to reach the target audience. After all, there is cut-throat competition in the field. Instead of creating an Android or iOS app, they build Android and iOS mobile apps. After all, both are leading mobile app platforms across the globe. 

According to Statcounter Global Stats, Android is on top with nearly 70.97% of users. On the contrary, around 28.27% of users use iOS apps. That’s a lot of numbers. You cannot afford to miss out on any potential customers. We understand developing Android and iOS apps separately can cost you an arm and a leg. 

Fortunately, we have React Native – a cross-platform framework that builds Android and iOSusing the same code. It saves both money and time. Hence, many enterprises hire React Native development services in India. While hybrid app development is more inexpensive than native apps, you may exceed the budget if you fail to pay attention. 

Here, we will explain the approximate cost of React Native development in India. Besides this, our experts will tell you factors that affect your budget. Using this guide, you can prevent losing unnecessary money. 

  • The cost of React Native app development in India

    Currently, React Native is one of the affordable frameworks for developing feature-rich and dynamic mobile apps. If you have a limited budget and want to target a range of audiences, React Native is your top seed. Remember, the cost may vary based on your app’s complexities and functionalities.
    However, on average, React Native developers in India charge $15-$25 per hour. Again the experience of your potential programmer and your location decide the final price. The best way to further cut down the development expenses is by sharing and reusing the components of your app. As mentioned already, the development cost may vary based on various factors. Below, we will look at some in detail. 

  • Top factors that determine the cost of React Native development
    • Integrated app

      Enterprises use two types of mobile apps – standalone and integrated apps. Choosing between these can affect the final cost of your React Native app. Standalone refers to apps that are not dependent on enterprise systems. Also, they cost more money than apps that require integration with business systems. 

    • Developer experience

      The more experienced developer is, the higher are the charges. Although it requires more money, you should hire React Native developers in India with varied experiences. Why? They will ensure you get the best project that meets your goals and needs. If you are not ready to invest a good amount, go for less experienced developers. 

    • Maintenance

      Just launching your app in the market is not enough. You need regular maintenance so that it works efficiently. Your app development can offer maintenance services, which involve bug fixation, regular updates, and support. It can add to your development budget. But you still can save money. Rather than hiring a full-time React Native development company in India, choose a company on a retainer basis. 

    • Add-ons

      Another factor that spikes up the cost of developing a React Native app is custom add-ons. Indeed, customization helps your business gain a competitive edge. But make sure it suits your budget. 

    • App distributions

      We have plenty of distribution channels for deploying apps. And each has its price. When it comes to leading app stores like Apple App Store and Google Play Store, the licensing fees will not be less than $100. In addition to this, your apps must meet the standards and security policies of the respective hosting channel. 

In closing 

These are some factors you must consider, as they affect your budget. However, React Native development will cost you a significantly low price than native frameworks. In addition to this, you can launch your app faster.  

If you are searching for a reliable React Native development company in India, get in touch with DigiDuck. We have a team of highly proficient developers delivering quality services for years. 


  1. What is React Native?

    Introduced and maintained by Facebook, React Native is an open-source framework. It allows developers to build cross-platform applications using code-reusability.

  2. What makes React Native a choice of many apps on the internet?

    One of the attractive features of React Native is code reusability. It helps enterprises save time, money, and development resources. Also, it comes with a range of tools and widgets that speed up the development process by 40% to 90%.

  3. Which world’s leading brands use React Native?

    React Native - a JavaScript-based framework has gained momentum among businesses of all sizes. Tesla, UberEats, Airbnb, Instagram, and Walmart are some leading brands that use React Native.

  4. What is the cost difference between React Native and native app development?

    The mobile app development cost of React Native is comparatively low than native apps. It is said React Native can cut down the expenses by 30%-35%

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