Why choose VueJs over AngularJs in 2022?

How is VueJs Better Framework than AngularJs in 2022?

Over the years, the application development industry has grown leaps and bounds. We have countless modern and advanced technologies. It is both bliss and a scourge.

For example, enterprises can choose the most suitable option that meets their needs and goals. But it also has downsides. It is a daunting task to pick one framework. Are you planning to use a JavaScript framework? But you still have several options to choose from – ReactJs, NodeJs, AngularJs, VueJs, and more.

All frameworks have exclusive features and advantages. But, we will explain why VueJs is better than AngularJs. If you are confused between hiring AngularJs and VueJs development services in Armenia, this blog is just for you.

  • A battle between VueJs and AngularJs

AngularJs is a popular JavaScript-based framework used for front-end development. It allows developers to build highly scalable web applications. But unlike other frameworks, AngularJs works as a standalone framework thanks to in-built libraries and tools. In addition, the framework offers multiple-platform implementations with reusable code.

On the other hand, VueJs is a lightweight framework than AngularJs. It is a comparatively more flexible JavaScript framework that creates state-of-the-art single-page applications and web apps. Owing to its cutting-edge tools and versatile and progressive nature, developers can modify code affecting its core features. Its ability to develop progressive UI has led to a rise in demand for VueJs development in Armenia and regions.

You have a brief understanding of both frameworks. Let us find out why VueJs overweighs AngularJs and other frameworks.

  • VueJs is winning across the globe

VueJs and AngularJs are closing related. Of course, both are open-source and JavaScript-based frameworks. But there is something more. That is, Angular is the inspiration to develop VueJs.

Evan You, the mind behind VueJs, realized the need for a lightweight framework when working with AngularJs. He picked up the best features of Angular and built VueJs- a front-end framework. It works smoothly without involving additional concepts.

Also, the syntaxes of VueJs share a lot of similarities with AngularJs. After all, it has got several things right. For this reason, it has inspired many JavaScript frameworks, including VueJs. The primary purpose of creating VueJs is to overcome the limitations of Angular. In simple words, VueJs is nothing but AngularJs without extras. Thus, there is a surge in demand for VueJs developers in Armenia.

  • What makes VueJs better AngularJs?

As mentioned already, VueJs is the best version of AngularJs that does not involve added concepts. It makes VueJs more flexible, simple, and high-performing. Below, we have explained it all in detail.

    • Less complexity – Since VueJs does not involve more concepts, its API and design are less complex. Thus, your prospective VueJs developer in Armenia can build robust applications faster. Well, this lacks in AngularJs.
    • Flexibility – When it comes to the structure of applications, AngularJs is uncompromising. Hence, we have VueJs, which is a flexible, modular alternative. It prevents developers from writing code for each interface and feature. Instead, they can leverage a web-pack template offering advanced features such as CSS extraction, hot module reloading, etc.
    • Directives and components – In VueJs, there is a significant difference between directives and components. Each has a specific function. For example, directives contain DOM manipulations, whereas components have their own data logic and view. However, components are a part of directives in AngularJs.
    • Runtime performance – The runtime performance of VueJs has the upper hand over AngularJs. Why? It is because developers can change code without disrupting other parts. But this is not the case with AngularJs, a single modification results in re-evaluation in all watchers. As a result, it slows down the speed and performance.

In closing

This open-source framework is gaining a lot of momentum in almost all regions of the globe. Why not? It is simple and more flexible while offering better modularity and runtime performance. Therefore, enterprises prefer VueJs development companies in Armenia to build dynamic SPAs and web apps.

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  1. What is VueJs?

    VueJs is a progressive JavaScript framework that helps developers build robust SPAs and interactive user interfaces.

  2. What are the exclusive features of VueJs?

    While VueJs is a new framework, it offers several exclusive features that make it better than others. These are:

    • Data binding
    • HTML-based templates
    • Virtual DOM
    • CSS transitions
    • 3rd party animation libraries
    • Computed properties
  3. Is there any drawback to using VueJs?

    One of the reasons VueJs did not gain traction as it should have, is a lack of support by tech giants like Google and Facebook.

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