How Grammarly Can Help You Write Like A Pro

How Grammarly Can Help You Write Like A Pro?

At present, there are many tools available online to improve writing skills. Amongst them all, Grammarly is one of the most prominent tools, used by a myriad of writers on a daily basis. If you are a writer, it can be your long-term solution to write more effectively in the future.

By the means of this blog, we would like you to understand – how Grammarly can help you write like a pro? For that, you need to get through the benefits that come with this amazing tool. Let’s get into it:

  • It is very easy to use

Grammarly is super easy to use where signing up is completely free. You can plug the extension into your Google Chrome where it will help you with your writing skills across all online platforms, from your emails to Google Docs. If you don’t want the extension, Grammarly’s web app can be used online to check your content.

It’s a freemium app and you can always buy the premium version as per your suitability.

  • It corrects the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes

Grammarly is known for correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. When you use Grammarly, you don’t just figure out where you are making mistakes, but you get to know the reasons behind them too.

  • It assists with definition and synonyms

Everyone makes writing errors, and to understand where you went wrong, Grammarly is a sure-shot solution. By double-clicking a word in the Grammarly Editor, you can find synonyms for your words along with the nuances of what those synonyms mean.

  • It improves your clarity

With Grammarly’s clarity suggestions, you can place yourself in a better position to learn how to write precisely using a few words. You can learn to write in an active voice while avoiding the overuse of phrases and words.

  • It helps with plagiarism

You’ll love this next feature where Grammarly compares your text to over 8 billion web pages for plagiarism. In addition to writing issues such as passive voice, word choices, and punctuation, the plagiarism checker is a notable benefit of Grammarly.

Free or Premium Version

Depending on your needs and writing level, you can opt for the Grammarly’s suitable version. Its premium version offers extra perks which include writing styles for specific genres, vocabulary enhancement, citation suggestions, plagiarism checker, sentence structure, and much more.

On the other hand, the free version gives you to access limited features such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker. It detects obvious mistakes and typos and picks up more subtle errors like commonly confused words, unnecessary commas, etc.

In conclusion, Grammarly is an ultimate tool to ensure that your writing piece is precise and easy-to-read. Even the most experienced writers make mistakes and use tools such as Grammarly for an effective writing style. So, if you are a writer, this is the time to incorporate this amazing tool into your writing journey!

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