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Future of Xamarin Community Toolkit – Bright or Dull?

At the beginning of 2021, the Xamarin Community Toolkit was introduced. It is a Xamarin library, which resulted from collaboration between the Xamarin team and the Xamarin community. The toolkit came with experimental features like MediaElement, C# UI Extensions, and Expander controls. 

However, with continuous contributions from the community, such as new controls and capabilities, the toolkit is likely to have a flourishing future. It can offer much more than we know today. We might see numerous Xamarin mobile app development services providers in Albania leveraging Xamarin Community Toolkit. After all, it serves as a one-stop library to collect information like convertors, behaviors, and effects. 

To know the future of the Xamarin Community Toolkit, keep reading. 

  • The future of the Xamarin Community toolkit 

The release of .NET MAUI or .NET Multi-platform App UI brings exciting features for the Xamarin Community toolkit. .NET MAUI is a cross-platform framework that builds desktop and native mobile apps. We may expect .NET MAUI Community Toolkit. It is a backward-compatible and sunsetting of the Xamarin Community Toolkit’s version. 

Since the inception of the Xamarin Community Toolkit, it has gained momentum in no time. As for now, it is one of the most popular open-source libraries of Xamarin. It has more than 80 contributors on GitHub. Plus, the Community Toolkit flaunts nearly 250000 downloads. 

A Walkthrough of future of Xamarin Community Toolkit?

  • The institution of .NET MAUI Community Toolkit 

You might know that Xamarin.Forms is switching to .NET MAUI. In a similar way, Xamarin Community Toolkit will evolve into .NET MAUI Community Toolkit. It will be a brand new Community toolkit supporting .NET MAUI. It will come with two NuGet Packages, such as:

    • CommunityToolkit.Maui
    • CommunityToolkit.Maui.Markup

When it comes to the new Community Toolkit, it will be open-source and supported by the community. The more people contribute to this library, the better it will be. 

  • Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.MauiCompat

We have two Xamarin Community Toolkit versions compatible with .NET MAUI to ensure smooth changes when migrating apps from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI. These are:

    • Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.MauiCompat
    • Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.Markup.MauiCompat

Please remember, these packages are almost similar to the Xamarin Community toolkit. But it has a few changes like Xamarin.Forms dependency switching to .NET MAUI. On the other hand, there will be no modifications to the rest of the code base. 

With the MauiCompat library, you may continue to use the Xamarin Community Toolkit as you do it now. But it is necessary to uninstall Xamarin.CommunityToolkitNuGet package instead, use Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.MauiCompat. Besides this, you do not have to make any changes. 

In closing 

Based on the above discussion, we can say the future of the Xamarin Community Toolkit is bright. However, with a bit of change, it will support .NET MAUI rather than Xamarin. Some libraries, packages, and experimental features of the Xamarin Community Toolkit are available. But for commercial use or final release, you need to wait for November 2022. 

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  1. Will .NET MAUI replace Xamarin?

    .NET MAUI Essentials has arrived last year. According to Microsoft, it will replace Xamarin. And from November 2022, Xamarin will not get any support from the community.

  2. What is Xamarin Community Toolkit?

    It is a collection of Behaviors, Animations, Effects, Converters, and more. Developers can use this Community Toolkit with Xamarin.Forms to create Android, iOS, and UWP apps.

  3. Can we still use Xamarin?

    Since the advent of .NET MAUI in November 2021, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Androidhas become a part of .NET6. Plus, it will receive any updates from November 2022.

  4. How is .NET MAUI different from Xamarin?

    .NET MAUI refers to .NET Multi-platform App UI. It is the next iteration of Xamarin that allows developers to build robust desktop and mobile apps.

  5. What is the lifecycle in Microsoft?

    Every product developed by Microsoft has a lifecycle. For example, the lifecycle of Xamarin begins from its release and ends when it does not get any support.

  6. How can we use .NET MAUI?

    .NET MAUI is the evolution of Xamarin. You can use this open-source platform to build apps compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.