How can you make Content marketing for social networks a reality for your company?

Content Marketing has been touted as the hot spot. And this title is not for nothing! In a world where we are constantly bombarded by messages from different brands, content makes a difference when it comes to being relevant to your client.

Marketing content for social networks is much more than just posting. Having a relevant presence on social networks is important not only to reach a large volume of people, but also because of the possibility of distributing your content, generating engagement and also interacting with your audience, in fact creating a relationship channel, strengthening the brand and even new business.

Like the idea? Then check out below how you can make Content Marketing for social networks a reality in your company.

First steps

1. Have a buyer persona

The buyer personas are archetypes of your ideal clients, or are characters created to represent the people most interested in your business as customers.

The creation of a persona should take into account as much information as possible about your audience. You must gather all the information you have available, such as customer records, satisfaction surveys and contacts received. It is also recommended that you enrich this data with research.

2. Have a prepared and well-planned structure

Once your persona is created, it’s time to think of a channel that will serve as the basis for your content, such as a website or blog. But it’s not just about deciding on a channel, but thinking about what it will be like.

Think about every detail, how the content will be approved or who will be responsible. Everything needs to be well defined so that there is no doubt after your website or blog is launched.

The main tip here is to always keep in mind your persona and also its evolution throughout the purchase journey. Think of content both for those who have never heard of your brand, and for those who are about to become your customer.

Don’t forget to document all that information! So that anyone who is going to produce content for your company knows exactly the line that should be adopted.

3. Make content planning for Social Networks

In the same way that you created a plan for your main content channel, you also need to create a strategy and an editorial project for the presence of your brand on social networks, detailing the type of content you will create for each of them, the frequency and what language and style should be adopted.

To define the social networks where you should have a presence, it is essential to take into account the characteristics of each one of these networks and cross them with your persona.

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