The impact of Google’s update on digital marketing strategy

Google’s “Helpful Content” Update: How Will It Affect Your Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is incomplete without SEO and content. They are two sides of the same coin that help businesses grow with no bars. No wonder online marketing experts in India focus on these techniques to improve the rankings of websites.

Google is the leading search engine, with 92.47% of the market share. So, to get a higher ranking, you should comply with Google’s algorithms. Remember, they keep updating constantly. That means your marketing agency in India must be abreast with the latest changes and updates.

As mentioned, the algorithm changes very quickly. Here is one update you should know. But what is it?

“Helpful content update,” one of the recent algorithm changes of Google. What is so interesting about this? It is a boon for websites that offer helpful content like FAQs, blog posts, and pages to online users. Simply put, Google will promote websites for real substance, not because of keyword-heavy content. Both businesses and online marketing experts in India should create content according to this new update. If you want to learn about it in detail, scroll below.

“Helpful content” update: What it is?

The latest Google update makes content searching more valuable for online users. For example, when they search for something, Google will show them content that is helpful.

That said, this update can be the biggest disappointment for websites delivering keyword-heavy content. Since their content is not “helpful,” they will see traffic decline from Google searches. In simple words, Google is changing the way it ranks websites. It will no longer give preference to keyword-heavy content. The focus is to boost the content helping users in one and another way. Therefore, online marketing experts in India and other regions should optimize the website based on the latest update.

What does Google’s Helpful content update signify?

Google introduced this new update to make content search better and more valuable for users. One of the main concerns people faced when searching for a query is disappointing answers. Since Google used to rank websites based on their keywords volume, even poor content got a higher ranking. As a result, this leaves a bad impression on users of Google.

But what does this update signifies?

It is a reminder for all businesses and online marketing experts in India that quality content is the only way to a successful SEO strategy. And no tactics and hacks will help their poorly written content. So, if you want a higher ranking on Google, focus on generating relevant, informative, and helpful content. Also, it should align with your target audience’s needs and preferences.

Now, we assume you already have a website. You cannot change the entire content if it does not fit with Google’s helpful content update. It is not feasible. However, you can still mitigate the effect on your website ranking. The following are some tips to fix your existing website.

How to fix your existing website? 

If your website has been producing informative and engaging content, you will not face any setbacks from the latest update. But this update is a matter of concern if your website has low-quality content, which is irrelevant. Follow these tips to prevent your website ranking from dropping.

  • The first and foremost step is determining your target audience and what they want. Analyze their behavior, search history, and previous purchases.
  • Once you know your audience, the next is assessing your content. It will tell you whether your content is helpful or not.
  • When it comes to content, you should put people before search engines. If people like your content, it will ensure better engagement. Google will notice it and rank your website higher. For this reason, it is best to make a plan for how you will write helpful content.
  • Lastly, you should never write to meet the specific requirements of SEO.

The bottom line

We can say that Google’s helpful content update is an eye-opener for all online marketing experts in India and other regions. The new algorithm will reward those websites that write content audience instead of SEO. Start focusing on generating informative, authentic, and helpful content if you are not doing it already.

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  • What tips can a business follow to get a higher ranking on Google?

The content that meets Google standards ranks higher. If it is your priority, follow these tips.

    • Write content for your target audience.
    • Your content should be simple and easy to understand.
    • Create titles and headlines in the question form.
    • Use multimedia like images, infographics, and videos.
    • Promote your content on social media and other channels.
  • What are the top ranking factors for Google?

If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google, focus on these ranking factors. These are

    • High-quality content
    • Fast loading
    • Page experience
    • Mobile-first
    • Internal like
    • External links