Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4: How does It Benefit Digital Marketing Agency in India?

Google is probably the only platform that changes its algorithms and releases new updates frequently. If we are not exaggerating, there is something new every day. As a digital marketing agency in India, you must stay up-to-date with the changes.

However, these regular improvements are not without reasons. They ensure a better user experience while fixing bugs and other shortcomings. Today, we will look at Google Analytics 4, one of the updates by Google. We will also discuss how this feature benefits online marketing experts in India and other regions. Let us start with the basics.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is an improved analytics product by Google. It allows marketers and businesses to measure their traffic on websites and apps. While it has gained momentum recently, it is not new. Google released it nearly two years ago.

Google introduced Google Analytics 4 to deal with challenges related to user privacy and complicated customer journeys. However, it is relatively new for most digital strategy agencies in India. You must be wondering why suddenly it came into the highlight?

It rose to fame after the latest change in Google Analytics for digital marketers. That is, the current analytic service “Universal Analytics” will stop accepting data by July 1, 2023. So, enterprises can switch to Google Analytics 4 to gauge their websites and apps. But what makes Google Analytics better than Universal Analytics?

  • Google Analytics vs. Universal Analytics: What are the differences?

These are the primary differences between Google Analytics and Universal Analytics:

    • Google Analytics 4 helps online marketing experts in India track user events both on websites and apps. For instance, you can track video plays across various channels and devices. On the contrary, Universal Analytics tracks sessions within various mobile-specific properties.
    • Unlike Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4 offers a deeper reporting than raw percentages, numbers, or ratios. It lets digital marketers get deeper insights and run more successful ad campaigns.
    • Google Analytics 4 ensures better measurement abilities. It means marketers can use this tool to measure analytics automatically. Plus, they can monitor advanced operations. Although Universal Analytics also measures these actions, it requires additional performance. 

But it is always best to understand how the new tool helps your marketing efforts before implementation. Let us find out how Google Analytics 4 will benefit online marketing experts in India.

Why Google Analytics 4 is beneficial for your digital marketing agency in India?

There are various reasons digital marketers should implement Google Analytics 4. The most prominent feature of this Google Analytics tool is its ability to track events. Besides events-based flexibility, it offers Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These are game changers in the digital space. As a result, it leads to a cookie-free landscape. Below, our experts will discuss how digital strategy agencies in India can take your marketing up.

  1. Sales prediction

Machine Learning (ML) is a revolutionary technology that has the phase of the digital world. And ML in Google Analytics 4 is one of its excellent attributes. It will collect your data and use it to learn about your potential customers. With this, digital marketing agencies in India can identify which audiences will or will not convert into customers.

Thanks to ML, Google Analytics 4 offers real-time behavior monitoring. And this feature is not available in Universal Analytics. For example, based on the previous patterns of customers, you can discover the specific journeys and the product they buy. Hence, you can follow the same journey and sell your product to customers who have purchased similar products.

  1. It offers “identity spaces”

Identity Spaces are another excellent feature for online marketing experts in India. How? It helps marketers to distinguish between customers that do not use cookies. Instead, they rely on something else.

Your online user opts into cookies of your website. They will be either given a first-party cookie device ID or will establish a user ID. Remember, you can track this user ID across channels like websites or apps.

On the other hand, if your consumer chooses an ad personalization, you can track them using any device or browser. With Identity Spaces, digital marketing agencies in India can understand the movement of customers better via all touch points.

  1. Codeless event tracking

Have you ever thought about conducting event tracking with no coding background? It is possible with Google Analytics 4. Now, online marketing experts in India can track events without code. Using this analytics tool is easy and hassle-free. They are required to log in and watch how event tracking happens in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

For example, marketers can see the number of engagements their latest video blog attracts by logging in. It does not involve the fuss of changing the back-end code. The event tracking in GA 4 offers a bespoke experience to both enterprises and marketers.

It is a boon for digital marketing agencies in India to predict the searching patterns of prospective customers and has extensive data. Do you want to leverage this opportunity? Then set up your Google Analytics 4 account.

  • How to set up a Google Analytics 4 account?

If you wish to gauge the traffic and engagements on both websites and apps, create your Google Analytics account. Once you have an account, you will get a new property by default. Are you an online marketing expert in India? The following steps you need to follow for account creation.

    • First, use credentials to log in to a Google account and click //
    • After this, you will see a welcome page and hit the “start measuring” button.
    • Fill in the account details (company name) and click “next.”
    • Here you have to provide “property name.” Once done, choose “Currency” and “Reporting Time Zone.”
    • If you want to create both Universal Analytics property and Google Analytics 4 property, go to the “Show Advanced Options.”
    • Switch on the toddle, and you will see it turn bright blue.
    • Now, add your website URL, and you have to select one option – Create both a Google Analytics 4 and a Universal Analytics property or Create a Universal Analytics property only. After picking the suitable option, click “next.”
    • Fill in the details “About Your Business.” Select the option that matches your business and your Google Analytics goals and click the “create” button.
    • Accept the Data Processing Terms and the Measurement Controller-Controller Data Protection Terms. After this, click “I accept.”
    • Lastly, you will reach the “Web Stream Details” screen. In the right corner, you will see your measurement ID. 

Congratulations, you made it! With these steps, any digital marketing agency in India can create GA4 and Universal Analytics property.

In closing

Google Analytics 4 is better than Universal Analytics in multiple ways. For example, you can track data on both websites and apps, predict sales, and collect sizeable data. More data means better predictions. Hence, you will have successful marketing. If you still have doubts, hire the best digital marketing agency in India.

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  1. What is Google Analytics 4?

    Google Analytics 4 is a new analytic service for marketers to gauge web and app data. It allows digital marketing professionals to track events than sessions only.

  2. What are the benefits of using Google Analytics 4?

    If you switch to Google Analytics 4, you can avail of the following benefits.

    • Improve visualizations and reporting.
    • Better customer tracking journey.
    • Enhanced user engagement analysis.
    • More tracking features and higher user privacy.