Insight into common Google Ads automation mistakes.

Google Ads Automation: Top Mistakes Your Per-Pay-Click Company Should Avoid

Google Ads is one of the most popular forms of pay-per-click advertising. Although they ensure higher conversions, you need to pay more attention. You may have to spend hours adjusting bids, checking keyword performance, etc.

That is where Google Ads automation comes into the picture. It involves using conditional statements to handle tedious tasks on your behalf. As a result, you can focus on core activities because it does not make sense to check bids obsessively. Automation is a boon to pay-per-click companies. It saves time and leads to better efficiency.

But lack of knowledge and expertise in Google Ads automation can turn disastrous. All your effort and money will be futile. We will list common mistakes pay-per-click management agencies may make when automating PPC tasks. But before, you should know how automation benefits your business.

Why Google Ads automation?

If you automate the PPC ads strategy for your business, there are countless advantages. These are:

  • Time-saving – Machines are more efficient than humans. That means if you use Google Ads automation, it will perform better and faster than any marketers. But for this, you should set automated rules with a specific condition. Whenever these conditions are fulfilled, the rule will bring into action.
  • Easy scalability – Another advantage of automation is the ease of scalability. For example, you have automated your Google Ads. And when you notice the best performing campaign, you can scale it automatically to ensure better conversions. It will also lead to a better return on ad spend.

Now, you know how Google Ads automation helps your business. It’s time to learn the best practices to use automation to the fullest. Here are the mistakes your pay-per-click company should avoid.

Google Ads automation pitfalls to stay away from  

The reason marketers make these mistakes is to save money and boost productivity. To so do, they end up making things worse. When you hire a pay-per-click company, make sure they avoid these mistakes.

  • No knowledge of Machine Learning 

Often, marketers choose automated bidding over manual to help enterprises save time and money. But if your pay-per-click company does not have experience in automation, they might not know how Machine Learning works.

One common mistake they make is starting to rely on an automation machine for ad bidding. But first, it has to learn how your previous advertisements worked and collect the data. While Google Ads automation can save you time, it does not allow “launch and forget” campaigns. If you want a Machine Learning algorithm to manage your tasks, it must have data to work efficiently. Therefore, hire a marketer with in-depth knowledge and years of experience using Machine Learning.

  • Insufficient data 

Over the years, automation options for digital marketing have increased significantly. If you want to make the most of automation in your pay-per-click ads, you should know its limitations. For example, smart bidding depends on AI Machine Learning to optimize ad bids. And AI analyzes your historical advertising data and collects data to work suitably.

Large-scale online businesses do not have time to manage and optimize bids manually. So, they use automated bidding. But if you have a small-scale website, it is not reliable to use smart bidding.

As we mentioned, you need to have sufficient data for the proper functioning of the bid automation system. Your pay-per-click advertising firm primarily uses your ad conversion data. But with a limited budget and niche audiences, it may not receive 15-20 conversions in a month. Thus, you may fail to meet the minimum data requirement. If you still implement automated bidding, it will be more expensive than cost-effective.

  • Failing to choose the right PPC automation level

Why do entrepreneurs use smart bidding? They can skip investing hours in adjusting bids for their ad campaigns. Also, it helps in linking cost-per-click (CPC) with return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA). All these are essential for automated bidding to work accurately. Before you hire a pay-per-click company and get started with Google Ads automation, here is something you should know.

PPC automation has different levels. It is essential to choose a suitable level if you want the best results. If you go for basic PPC automation, most tasks will be handled manually with limited automation. On the other hand, mid-level automation will cover simple optimization and bid management. However, an advanced level will offer comprehensive automation.

An experienced pay-per-click management agency will help you choose the best level for your ad campaign. For this, they will consider your goals, needs, and demands.

In closing  

Automation in PPC ad strategy is effective, but if you use it the right way. Failing to choose the right level can go out of your budget, and you will find it costlier than manual ads. However, the good thing is you can implement automation even with a limited budget. But to avoid any pitfalls, hire an experienced pay-per-click company.

Hopefully, this post added value to your time. If you like to read more informative posts, follow our blog. At DigiDuck, we have a team with relevant experience and knowledge in the field.


  • What is pay-per-click advertising?

It is one of the popular marketing models. In this, marketers pay for each click they get on their ad campaigns. Compared to other advertising techniques, it is cost-effective and suits all budgets.

  • What are the different types of pay-per-click ads? 

There are various types of pay-per-click ads. And you can choose the most suitable depending on your goals and needs. Here are some types:

    • Display ads
    • Search ads
    • Video ads
    • Remarketing ads
    • Paid social ads
    • Shopping ads
    • Amazon advertising