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Web Content Writing Course: 7 Free Content Creation Tools

When you are looking for a web content writing course, you should know the ways to make content creation a breeze. Why? Because content marketing matters! According to 86% of B2B companies, it’s a great way to create brand awareness and educate the target audience. In fact, content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and generates 3x more leads.

The point is simple: Don’t skip content marketing. Create content that’s engaging, consistent, SEO-friendly, and visually-appealing. This is where you should know how to optimize your writing, planning, drafting, and productivity by using the right tools.

7 Free Tools for Your Web Content Writing Course

With more and more content produced every day, it’s worth using tools and technologies to get through the process of content creation. Although there are plenty of free tools available out there, these are some popular ones compiled by the best content writing agency in India.

Content Marketing Tools

  1. Evernote

We just love the free version of Evernote. One of its greatest features is its mobile, desktop, and web apps that can sync automatically as long as you have an internet connection. This tool is great for your web content writing course, as it can save your time and make it safer to write and store ideas. You can use Evernote to…

  • Take notes
  • Keep a running list of ideas
  • Store inspiring articles
  • Plan your editorial calendars
  1. Google Webmaster Tools

Also known as Google Search Console, Google Webmaster Tools is a powerful way to monitor how your website interacts with Google.When it comes to SEO and keyword research, Google’s Webmaster Tools can be a great help to your online content writing tutorial. The tool allows you to…

  • Reject bad inbound links
  • Check indexed web pages on your website
  • Submit your site to Google, so it gets crawled and indexed
  • Receive information on search queries that have a large volume of impressions but a low click-through-rate.
  1. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

You want to write informative blog posts with the help of the best content writing agency in India, but aren’t sure of a title to get your creativity moving. Then HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator can do the work for you.

Just enter a few keywords that you want to focus on, and this tool will produce a week’s worth of titles and topic ideas for you. The tool may not create the final title of your blog post, but it will surely help you think about new titles for topics you’ve written about before.

  1. Hemingway Editor

Readability plays a key role if you want to learn SEO marketing and appear high in search engine listings. After all, search engines reward well-written content. This is where tools like Hemingway Editor can help you write better content.

The tool analyses the text that you input and checks for writing issues like passive voice, run-on sentences, etc. You can check out the right-hand side of the tool conclude how readable your writing is. Always aim for lower than a 10th grade reading level.

  1. Grammarly

Another great content writing tool is Grammarly, which uses an AI-based digital writing assistant to provide an array of expert-level editing features. In addition to grammar and spelling, you can receive suggestions to improve word choice, avoid inconsistencies, check punctuations, and assess overall tone. In short, Grammarlyis great for triple-checking before you send your content piece to the best content writing agency in India.

  1. Canva

If you like creating beautiful visuals in a really short amount of time, you’ll just love Canva. The time it takes to design graphics and   is super-fast. This is because Canva offers pre-made templates and assets that you can easily manipulate. If you wish to go “premium,” you can access more assets and graphics through image search. Still, there is plenty of value for free.

  1. DupliChecker

This is a free plagiarism checker tool that allows you to detect identical or exact content from the existing sources on the internet. The tool displays plagiarism and unique content percentage, so you can make your content unique and authentic. You can even download a plagiarism report as proof for your web content writing course.

So, this was our list of free content creation tools. Hope you like the list and are ready to reap the benefits of your online content writing tutorial. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information regarding our web content writing course.


  1. What does Content Marketing Mean?

    Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and retain a target audience.

  2. How Content Marketing Drives Revenue?

    It starts by building a strong business presence that directly attack people, their teams, and their budgets. It is worth-mentioning that content marketing ROI is higher than the average marketing ROI in marketing.

  3. Can I Use Content Marketing to Boost Brand Presence?

    Yes, you can. Make sure you’re inserting your brand into a conversation, which is relevant to both your offering and audience.