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Forget ChatGPT: 5 New AI Tools to Strengthen Your Branding Strategy

The future of marketing is here, and it’s called artificial intelligence (AI). This technology is revolutionizing nearly every sector, including advertising and marketing. Companies of all sizes are using AI marketing tools to promote their business and reinforce their branding strategy. Take Google and Netflix, for instance. They are all about recommendations and depend on AI technology.

Whether you’re an individual or organization, AI marketing tools should be part of your business plan. These tools are software or platforms that can help you create automated decisions based on data that is collected and analyzed. What can you do with AI tools?

  • Predict buyer behaviors without requiring any human intervention
  • Process massive amounts of data pulled from sources like social media and email
  • Personalize your sales and marketing strategies through predictive analytics

Top AI Tools

AI Marketing Tools to Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

Data is key to marketing, and AI takes this one step further by automating tasks. No need to rely on a staff for marketing. Below is a list of 2023’s top AI tools to ramp up your branding strategy.


Formerly known as, Jasper is an advanced AI marketing platform designed to help you create top-notch ad copies, emails, landing pages, articles, and even social media posts. The tool uses the GPT3 technology developed by OpenAI to write human-sounding content.

Jasper comes with 11,000+ free fonts, 2,500+ writing styles, and 50+ built-in templates for AIDA. All it requires is to add a brand name or product, and it will automatically generate the copy for you. E-commerce businesses can take advantage of this tool to produce product descriptions and strengthen their branding strategy. Top features include:

  1. Content generation
  2. Tone of voice settings
  3. Customizable templates
  4. Machine Learning plagiarism checker
  • MarketMuse

MarketMuse is another AI-driven content optimization tool that will help you create high-quality content for your website or blog. It uses machine learning to analyze the content and provide the most accurate recommendations to improve quality, relevance, and SEO.

Get real-time feedback and suggestions, so you can make adjustments in your branding strategy. This AI tool can also be used to identify content gaps and opportunities, which will help you create content that addresses the needs of the target audience. Top features include:

  1. Conducts deep AI research
  2. Built-in editor and content brief
  3. Offers key performance indicators (KPIs)
  4. Options to alter the first draft you created
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features that will help you plan, create, and share remarkable content quickly. You can automate many aspects of your marketing campaign, such as email marketing, content creation, and the branding strategy.

One of the standout features of the Marketing Hub is its ability to personalize marketing efforts. The tool leverages machine learning to give personalized recommendations for each customer. Also, it can integrate with all HubSpot tools to write anything from a simple blog post to an entire landing page – all without switching between different tools. Top features include:

  1. SEO-optimized outlines
  2. Ads and blog software
  3. Free landing page builder
  4. Exit intent forms
  • Seventh Sense

To have a solid email marketing strategy in place, choose Seventh Sense. This AI marketing tool relies heavily on behavior profiling to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It aims at emails that often prove tricky for marketers and businesses alike.

Choose the best times and days to achieve good open rates. Build a predictive model for each contact based on their previous activities. This personalized approach allows you to engage with your target audience better, knowing they will open your emails at the most optimal time. Top features include:

  1. Behavior profiling
  2. Email campaign management
  3. Campaign analytics
  4. Personalized service
  • Zapier

This list of AI marketing tools won’t be complete without naming Zapier. This particular tool is designed to help you scale your business by automating time-intensive, repetitive tasks. These tasks may include anything like sending contacts to email lists and kicking off important workflows.

Also, Zapier can turn text-based input into data, drastically cutting down on manual work. You can parse huge amounts of text, acquire valuable insights from customer feedback, and adjust your branding strategy accordingly. Top features include:

  1. Text parsing
  2. No code needed
  3. Custom logic, conditions, filters, and more
  4. Secure administration, authentication, and permissions infrastructure

Wrapping Up

The digital change has made it necessary for today’s marketers and businesses to use AI marketing tools in their branding strategy. AI technology isn’t new, but the way it is advancing right now is something to keep your eyeballs on. In other words, AI tools are here to stay as they offer several benefits, including cost reduction and increased productivity. So, if you are not using AI marketing tools, time to take a leap of faith.

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  • What is an AI marketing tool?

AI marketing tools or software use artificial intelligence to make automated decisions, such as sending emails. These decisions come from collected data, which has been monitored and interpreted with the current market trends.

  • What are the benefits of using AI tools for marketing?

There are countless benefits of using AI marketing tools. For instance, these tools are able to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

You can use AI tools to automate emails and analyze social media messages, brand partnerships, engagements, reach, and other KPIs. This will ultimately save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

  • How to use AI in marketing and advertising?

From generating SEO-rich content to enhancing customer experience (CX), you can use AI marketing tools to run a solid business in several ways. For example, you can use these tools to answer customer queries, automate emails, translate text to speech, optimize your landing pages, and more.