Facebook Vs Google: The War On Mobile App Development

Facebook vs Google: The War on Mobile App Development

In the mobile-first age, whoever controls the app development world will rule the future. For instance, if you look at Google and Facebook, these two tech giants need no introduction. They rule the mobile app development landscape with their amazing frameworks, Flutter and React Native. 

However, when it comes to choosing the best platform that stands out from the other, you may get a headache. For decades, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs have been trying to understand which framework is best for mobile app development. 

Facebook Vs Google

With the help of a leading React Native development company in India, let’s break down a few points and try to figure out who rules the app development world, Google’s Flutter or Facebook’s React Native.

  1. hire react native development company new jerseyUser Interface (UI)
    Do you know what differentiates one mobile app from others? It’s the user interface. The user interface of both Flutter and React differs greatly. If you are searching for a customizable platform, then Flutter could be the right choice for you. It offers an array of widgets and APIs that are flexible and easy to customize. On the other hand, React Native offers a seamless experience with animations.It offers various options to create an exciting user interface, such as the React Native Material Kit.
  2. Tools and IDEs
    It’s imperative to have a system in place that allows you to construct apps using a wide choice of tools and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). This is where React Native overpowers Flutter and offers a wide range of tools and IDEs. Since React is older than Flutter, it has a significant assortment of devices. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to test and utilize popular IDEs like Sublime Text and Atom.
  3. Language
    To create any mobile application using any framework, you will need to acquaint yourself with the programming language that works best with that platform. React Native and Flutter vary in this particular area due to the programming languages they support. Google’s Flutter uses Dart language, and Facebook’s React Native relies on the popular programming language JavaScript. Both are ideal when it comes to developing mobile app solutions.
  4. Documentation
    For successful mobile app development, you need adequate support or knowledge. You should know how to build native or hybrid mobile apps. Here, documentation plays an integral role in exhibiting the development challenges of the framework. Compared to React Native, Flutter’s documentation is better. It’s simple, straightforward, and well-structured. Whereas, React Native’s documentation is less structured and relies on external development kits.
  5. Development Time
    Time is money, particularly when you have a tight timetable. So, it’s crucial to pick the fastest frameworkif time is of the essence. Flutter is known for its quick and hot reloading abilities. The platform helps you build native interfaces in no time. Still, React Native offers built-in components that are ready to use, making the development process even faster.

And the Winner is…

Well, it depends. If customization and documentation are your priority, then Google’s Flutter is your answer. However, if are looking for more features and tools, then hire React Native app developers. I hope this post points out the key differences that need to be considered while choosing between Facebook’s React Native and Google’s Flutter.

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