Insight into features of Facebook SDK for Xamarin.iOS

Facebook SDK for Xamarin.iOS: What does it Offer?

SDKs play a crucial role in mobile app development. Developers can use iOS and Android SDK to build robust applications for each platform. Thanks to an SDK, you can add essential functionalities to your app quickly and efficiently. Like other technologies and tools, SDKs keep evolving and advancing. 

Recently, Facebook launched SDK v12.2 for Xamarin.iOS. With this SDK, Xamarin developers can create engaging social-media mobile apps. Plus, Xamarin and.NET developers can access third-party libraries effortlessly from C#. It allows you to build your binding projects, leverage the community’s NuGets, and use binding packages. When hiring Xamarin mobile app development services in Albania, you need to look for the latest technologies and SDKs. To know what this Facebook SDK brings, read below. 

  • What new features does Facebook SDK for iOS offer for Xamarin development? 

Before getting into the features, let us look at the SDK components the latest version brings. It includes:

  • CoreKit 
  • ShareKit 
  • LoginKit 
  • GamingServiceKit
  • AudienceNetwork 

Our Xamarin professionals will explain the exciting features of Facebook SDK further in this post. 

  1. Share – Your Xamarin iOS app built with Facebook SDK v12.2 will enable users to send a message and share or like the content. Besides this, they can use Open Graph to share customized stories.

  2. Advertising – Another feature you can leverage is mobile app ads. With this, you can encourage more online users to download and have engagement with your Xamarin iOS app. Always hire the best Xamarin mobile app development services in Albania for setting up app ads appropriately.

  3. Login – Given the rise in online malicious activities, security is vital for mobile apps. Thanks to Facebook SKD for iOS, it offers a secure and hassle-free app login with Facebook. They can skip lengthy registrations and signups for your Xamarin app.

  4. Monitoring and analysis – Once you launch your app, the next step is measuring whether it is effective or not. For this, Facebook SKD helps you analyze the actions of users in your app. Depending on this, you can measure whether your mobile app ads are effective or not.

  5. Graph API – With this Facebook SDK, you can access Graph API. It allows you to perform tasks like query data, social graphs, upload photos, post stories, and more. 


In closing 

Do you want to build a highly interactive social app for iOS with Xamarin? If yes, implement Facebook SDK. It will make your mobile app compatible with the latest version of iOS. Besides this, it comes with component SDKs that offer numerous perks. 

If you are searching for reliable Xamarin mobile app development services in Albania, contact The DigiDuck. We house a team of proficient developers committed to delivering quality services. 


  1. What is SDK?

    SDK refers to a software development kit. It allows developers to add features and functionalities to the web app efficiently.

  2. What are the benefits of Facebook SDK for iOS?

    The Facebook SDK for iOS helps developers incorporate a website or app into Facebook seamlessly.

  3. Is Facebook SDK for iOS expensive?

    No, Facebook SDK for iOS is an open-source component. It means you can access it without licensing fee.

  4. What does Facebook SDK v12.2 for iOS bring?

    The latest version of Facebook SDK v12.2 offers numerous SDK components for Xamarin.iOS developers. These are LoginKit, CoreKit, GamingServiceKit, ShareKit, and Audiencenetwork.

  5. What are the common uses of Facebook SDK for iOS?

    Facebook SDK for iOShas multiple uses, such as getting user data, sharing a photo, and using Facebook login for the iOS app.

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