All You Need to Know About the Facebook Algorithm in 2023

How Facebook Algorithms Work: A Facebook Course for Beginners

The changing Facebook or Meta algorithm is a hot topic these days – not just for the best social media marketing companies in India, but also for journalists, the public, and even leaders. Whether you love it or hate it, the fact is that you’ve got to work with the algorithm if you want your marketing efforts to succeed. Here is a Facebook course for beginners.

What is the Facebook Algorithm?

According to Facebook, the algorithm is multiple layers of machine learning models that the social media platform applies to predict the most relevant content for each user. It is a set of rules that the platform uses to rank content. Facebook or Meta named this “personalized ranking.”

Facebook algorithms evaluate every single Post, Reel, Ad, and Story. It scores posts or content to arrange it in non-chronological order of interest for each user. This process repeats every time you refresh your Facebook feed.

How does the Facebook Algorithm Work?

Facebook is constantly working on improving its algorithm to suggest the right content to its users. On the basis of this Facebook course for beginners, the algorithm revolves around the following four ranking factors:

  • Inventory – The Type of Content Posted by Publishers

The inventory stands for a set of posts shared by your friends. It also includes the pages that you follow. Depending on which Facebook surface you are using, whether it’s News Feed or Watch, you will see different types of Facebook posts. For instance, News Feed mainly comprises the posts shared by your connections.

  • Signals – The Person/Organization Who Posted the Story

According to this Facebook course for beginners, Facebook considers hundreds of thousands of signals like who posted the story, and when it was posted. The platform also focuses on small details that it can discern about the viewing environment, such as what time it is, and how fast is the internet.

  • Predictions – User Engagement With the Post

The Facebook algorithm uses all of those signals to predict how likely users are to engage with a post. This is one way that the platform assesses whether you might find a post to be relevant and meaningful. It makes predictions like how likely are users to comment on a story, and how likely are they going to spend time watching that story.

  • Relevancy Score – The Interest of People in the Post

Lastly in this Facebook course for beginners, Facebook uses all of the consolidated signals to give a relevancy score – a number representing how interested you will be in a post. Let’s say you liked a fashion page, and that page posted a reel. Facebook will look at various signals, such as who posted this reel and when. Then it will take all of this information to make some predictions like the likelihood to click, like, and share this reel. These predictions are then added up into a relevancy score to figure out how meaningful you will find this reel.

How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm in 2023?

The ongoing algorithm changes point to how Facebook forces brands to adapt. However, it isn’t so daunting if you can identify the pattern behind these algorithms and arm yourself with the best social media marketing companies in India. Here are a few good practices to help you get ahead of the Facebook algorithm race.

  • Perfect Your Timing

Timing is a key signal that influences the Facebook algorithm. It indicates how much engagement a post receives. Therefore, send out your Facebook posts at the right time. This “Facebook course for beginners” suggests posting content when people are most likely to engage with it.

The right times to post on Facebook are between Monday and Friday at 3 AM. Also, 10 AM and noon on Tuesdays are good. However, these times may not be ideal for everyone. So, it’s better to do your own research before making any decision.

  • Create Original Videos

Beating the algorithm takes creating original videos and reels. This means more high-quality content. Short clips from longer videos would do fine. Whatever you post, be sure to keep the focus on the originality and the quality of the content.

The video should benefit your target audience in some ways. It has to be informative, educational, and entertaining – depending on what your business does or wants to achieve.

  • Run an employee advocacy program

The key to beating the Facebook algorithm is right under your nose. Still, so many brands overlook it. We are talking about your employees and business advocates. This Facebook course for beginners suggests that employee advocacy is more relevant than ever now.

Facebook prioritizes content from friends, employees, and family over businesses. So, start your employee advocacy program. Encourage your team to share your content with their Facebook networks.

The Bottom Line

The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving and comes with a few shortcuts. So, there is no way you can “hack” it for desired outcomes. However, the factors and tips outlined above in this article can help you make the algorithm work for you. Hope you find this “Facebook course for beginners” helpful in your marketing journey. If you want to work with one of the best social media marketing companies in India, reach out to us today!


  • How does Facebook actually decide what I see?

Facebook posts that are highly influenced by your connections are usually displayed at the top of your News Feed. The algorithm ensures that you do not miss updates from your connections or friends. It also keeps you from being overloaded with updates.

  • What impact can the Facebook algorithm create on my business?

The Facebook algorithm can be an essential element of your business model. This is because it allows social media businesses to reach a targeted audience. So, understanding algorithms means more transparency and accuracy.

  • Can you help me beat the Facebook algorithm for my business?

Yes! As one of the best social media marketing companies in India, we can help you target your audience, understand the algorithm, post engaging content, and generate more leads through Facebook marketing. Also, we have an experienced team of advertisers to help you run fruitful Facebook ads. Talk to us for more details.