Email Marketing: The Hottest Trends & Tips for Your 2020 Campaigns

Email marketing is already more than 20 years old, but it still plays a crucial role in modern business markets. In fact, this marketing platform is becoming increasingly important because recent studies show that the marketing ROI in email marketing is consistently positive ($ 44 sales per $ 1 spent), making it the best profit-making marketing tool.

Email marketing is continuously evolving and you cannot expect to gain new subscribers, users, or customers using old and outdated methods.

Now, what are the benefits of email marketing? What are the hottest email marketing trends for 2020? Read on to improve your email opening rate:

Top benefits of email marketing:

Occasionally, the question arises as to why people are still talking about email marketing. Just in case you need arguments that show that this channel is by no means outdated, we have put together its most important advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Email marketing delivers excellent ROI (Return on Investment), as compared to other marketing channels.
  • Accessibility: Email is the most widely used means of business communication, almost 4 billion people use it worldwide.
  • Simplicity: The technology is easy to use. Therefore, it is widely used by marketers, worldwide.
  • Efficiency: E-mail can be used widely, to increase brand awareness, build loyal followers, and boost sales.
  • Analytics: It’s also very easy to analyze the performance of email marketing campaigns so you can quickly optimize and increase your efficiency.

Top 6 Email Marketing Trends for 2020

Here are the top 6 email marketing trends that you should follow in 2020:

  • Simpler design

According to experienced marketers, complex emails with many images are no longer opened by most users. With this in mind, it is becoming apparent that many marketers are returning to the good old textual content and simpler email designs.

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  • More segmentation

Good data segmentation is an important factor for the overall success of an email marketing campaign. Therefore, the segmentation of your email needs special attention. Users will only pay heed to the tailor-made content that is relevant to their needs.

  • Tell more stories

Storytelling is another way of generating positive engagement through email marketing. If you are focusing on the relevance of the content, you should follow a storytelling approach that inspires your recipients.

  • Better optimization on mobile

Since more than half email responses are already received from mobile devices, it makes sense to focus more on mobile optimization in 2020. It is not a new strategy, but it is becoming more and more important as the trend towards mobile use continues. To put it simply:

  • Use fewer pictures and videos
  • Use responsive email templates, customized for mobile
  • Divide the text into smaller paragraphs & units
  • Watch out for CTA buttons & design them to be more visible
  • Use of predictive analytics

With the advent of artificial intelligence and smart data, it has become easier to carry out predictive analysis and recognize upcoming trends based on the available data. You can use these insights to plan your next email campaign!

  • More data protection

It is not only the GDPR that makes high-quality data protection an obligation. This is the only way to satisfy your recipients while maintaining your business basics. It is no longer enough to allow subscribers to unsubscribe. You should try to focus the audience that this is the most advanced data protection models.

We therefore recommend that you inform your subscribers about all security-related aspects so that they feel comfortable when using your services.

5 Tips To Improve Your Email Opening Rate:

Tip 1: Improve the subject line

The subject line of an email is the first important thing in the email recipient reads. Therefore, the subject line should invite users to click and must be interesting.

On an average, 60 characters of the subject line are displayed on the desktop PC, but usually fewer characters on the smartphone. Therefore, try to keep your subject lines short and sweet so that the recipient really knows what your email is about.

Use a few filler words and say directly what it is about so that your email is considered important and useful!

You should also avoid words that look like spam, so that your emails are not filtered directly to the spam folder! Also the quality of your emails will make sure that the recipient doesn’t label them as poor-quality advertising.

Avoid Phrases & Words like

  • Free
  • Free
  • Get it now
  • Discounts
  • Cheap
  • Etc.

The excessive use of punctuation marks (!!!) and the use of UPPERCASE letters can also activate the spam filter and ensure that your emails are never opened.

Professional tip: Avoid spam words not only in the subject line, but also in the text of the e-mail!

Tip 2: Personal emails work

An email is opened sooner if it looks as if it was deliberated for the recipient, personally. But writing an email to every single customer sounds like an incredible amount of work.

So, instead of writing an impersonal email, you can (if you have collected this data and inserted it into your email software), address the email recipients personally.

Using the name of the recipient at the starting of the email and designing the content as if you were only writing to one person can help to increase the opening rate of the email.

The customer gets a feeling that the mail was written only for him and is not a mass mail that was sent to thousands of recipients.

The more you personalize your mailings and tailor them as per the customer, the greater the likelihood that the next email will also be opened. More on this is in the fourth tip!

Tip 3: The right timing

Every marketer should be aware that the potential of an email will not be fully exploited if the timing is not right. But what is the best time to send emails? As so often, the answer to this question is: It depends!

In a study by Hubspot , in which over 20 million emails were analysed over a period of 10 months, the following emerged:

Mailings sent on Tuesdays have a 20% higher opening rate compared to the average, and most emails are opened between 10 a.m. and 12 noon during the week.

Nevertheless, you should also test here at what times your users are most likely to open the email. Think about what a normal day in your customer’s life looks like.

If you have done this, it can be avoided that your mailings end up in the mailbox exactly when the food is being cooked for the children or the customer is stuck in rush hour.

Tip 4: Segment your email list

Are your female audience interested in the new leisure jackets? Or are your male audience interested in the new summer dresses? Are your younger customers interested in hiking poles? Does a senior customer buy a new skateboard from the trendy Supreme brand?

The answer to these questions: Rather not.

Sending the same email to all recipients saves time, but costs you sales.

Segmenting your customers’ email addresses, i.e. placing them in different groups of buyers, means you can run consistent mailings campaign.

However, this permission can be withdrawn very quickly if you send emails that simply do not match the purchasing behaviour and interests of the recipient.

Tip 5: Think about smartphone users

If your emails don’t look good or are difficult to read on mobile devices, you’re giving away hard cash. This is because, more than 74% of smartphone users use their cell phones to check emails, and a full 51% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

So, make sure that your mailings also appear on a smaller screen.

This was all about email marketing and how you can cash in on this amazing marketing technique! By staying in line with the latest trends and polishing your strategy as per your audience, you can actually boost your sales through your email marketing campaign! So, get started with it and let us know how it turned out to be! Good luck!

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