Does Email Marketing Generate Results? Things You should Know

Email marketing can be an important ally for entrepreneurs, because through emails, it is possible to obtain the best results when approaching the target audience. To learn more about what email marketing tools and strategies can do for your business, check out the following topics:

  • What goals can we achieve using email marketing?
  • What types of email marketing can be used?
  • What is the role of email marketing in your strategy?
  • Tools to use email marketing professionally
  • Examples of email marketing

What goals can we achieve using email marketing?

  • Loyalty and get closer to the customer.
  • Reinforce the brand, bring authority, and provoke empathy.
  • Offer relevant information, materials, content, promotions, and updates.
  • Generate traffic on the website/blog.
  • Help identify interests seeking to segment the contact base for future actions.

What types of email marketing can be used?

Types Of Email Marketing


It resembles a newspaper or newsletter. It is a message that can be sent to the entire contact base as it offers varied content, reaching contacts of different interests and stages of the sales funnel. It’s important to analyze clicks to help segment contacts according to their interests.

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Promotional email

Promotional doesn’t just mean product discounts. But this type of message can also offer relevant content and information. It is an email with a single focus and must be sent to an interest segmented base.

Transactional email

These are emails expected by the contact as it is part of a procedure initiated by them. Example: password recovery for a service, confirmation of a purchase, receipt of educational content by email, etc.

Special emails

Examples of these messages are those who congratulate for birthdays, for special dates. It’s a way of being present and telling your customer that you remember them.

Promoting some discount campaigns, gifts or coupons can be associated with this type of message.

What is the role of email marketing in your strategy?

Role of email marketing

But after all, why would you use email as a marketing tool for your company? Well, there are numerous reasons for choosing this channel and we’ll introduce you to some of them:

Engage Leads

By maintaining a relationship with your leads through emails, you have the chance to engage them to finally become your customers.

Good and frequent relationships with your contacts make them remember you and turn to your company whenever they have a need in your sector.

Promote your content

You can create a blog on your company’s website to promote relevant content to your customers. So, in addition to creating authority over your area of ​​work, you can solve doubts that your customers may have about your industry, helping them.

Inform and educate leads

Educating your leads is one of the most important inbound marketing strategies. After all, this way they will know exactly what to expect from your services, the best strategies to implement, among many other advantages.

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If you’ve ever received emails with offers and promotions in your inbox, you know that this channel is widely used for sales. And that has a reason.

You can encourage your contacts to make purchases and make decisions with just content from email. So, take advantage of email marketing to promote your products!

Tools to use email marketing professionally

Tools to use email marketing professionallyIt is currently possible to have several email marketing tools. While some are suitable for specific campaigns, others are more complete and fit multiple purposes within your campaign. Check out!


This is one of the most popular free tools. It is complete, allows the creation of personalized lists, allows the measurement of results and can be integrated with other programs such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.


This tool allows the creation of automated and multichannel campaigns, where the triggering of email marketing and the sending of SMS can be alternated.

Mailify’s technology takes into account the principles of Artificial Intelligence, as well as featuring easy customization. However, it is not free.

Examples of email marketing

Email marketing has several advantages. To understand what an ideal email template should look like, you need to think about your objective with the campaign and your persona’s profile. To help you, here are two examples:

Promotional email sent by a literary publisher:

Unmissable promotions for science fiction lovers

Hello (insert person’s name)

Apparently you really enjoy reading science fiction. How about checking out some of our books on sale? We have classics and new authors’ releases highlighted. Enjoy.


[action button]

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