The benefits of using video in your digital marketing for events

Discussed: The Role of Video in the Event Marketing Strategy

Events are crucial for business growth. Both start-ups and well-established enterprises, they organize time-to-time events for various purposes. For example, you can use them for product launches or promotions, build connections with clients, improve sales, brand awareness, etc. But to make your event marketing successful, you need a digital strategy agency in India.


To understand it better, let us look at this scenario. You invest time, money, and energy to ensure a fun and lively event. But in the end, no one turns up. You might be thinking you did everything right, then why it happened? It could be insufficient promotions for your event.

You tell us, how will people show up if they do not know what, when, and where an event is happening? It was a hypothetical scenario. But you may face it in real if you fail to have well-planned digital marketing for your events.

There are various ways to advertise your business conference, meet and other events. But we will focus on how to use videos for the same. Below, you will learn a digital marketing strategy to promote your event using videos. We will explain in detail the importance of using videos for marketing events.

The benefits of using videos in event marketing

Today, video is a widely used online marketing approach to reach potential customers. They help marketers to drive traffic at a much faster rate. After all, videos are more engaging and compelling than other forms of content.

According to Hubspot, over 93% of brands received more customers by posting videos on their social media channels. Let us learn how videos supercharge your online marketing plan and promote your events.

  • More sign-ups

It is best to create a powerful buzz about your upcoming event. With this, you can get your audience interested in your event. Thus, this curiosity will compel them to show up. Now, the question is how to make this happen. Your potential digital marketing agency in India can help you create and drop fascinating videos just before the event. What type of videos should you post?

For example, you can use promo videos because these are great for building excitement. It further helps get more sign-ups from your target audience. Besides this, short interviews are perfect for encouraging users to register for your event. These interviews could be of previous attendee testimonials, guest speakers, clips of past events, etc.

  • Reach non-attendees

A video is a powerful medium to reach out to non-attendees. Provided you use it the right way. How? You can use the event itself to build winning digital marketing. Your digital marketing agency in India can leverage live streams to broadcast your event or show event highlights. You can shoot event videos to use later for promotion on your social media and website. It will help you reach non-attendees, and they can get insights into your event virtually. As a result, it will boost your digital presence.

Note:* An in-event video can ensure a successful digital marketing strategy. Thus, you can reach an audience including non-attendees.

  • Keep the audience interested in future events

The best thing is you can continue to market your event even after it is over. To do so, you can share event highlights through videos on your social media accounts. With customer reactions to these video clips, your event will stay relevant. Also, it will help you refresh the enjoyable experience they had.

Remember, a reliable digital marketing agency in India can use a single event to provide content for four to six months. There are various ways to use these videos and refresh your attendees’ memories. Moreover, it will create a sense of interest and excitement for non-attendees.

The bottom line

Videos are the best bet if you want to run successful digital marketing campaigns for your event within your budget. The primary reason to use videos for your event marketing is online users like them. So, they perform better than other forms of ad campaigns. Are you planning to inform people about your upcoming event at a wider range? Then, use video marketing. It helps you attract attendees and non-attendees.

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  • What is the importance of video marketing?

Visual elements work better than other forms of content because they can generate excitement. As a result, if you use videos for event marketing, you can have more attendees. On the other hand, you can reach out to non-attendees.

  • How to ensure good video marketing?

There are various components that help you run successful video marketing. But it mostly depends on creating a video around a story. It should never focus on sales only.