Content Ideas That Your Audience Will Love Explained in Fewer than 250 Words

Generating new content ideas for digital marketing strategies is not an easy task. After a certain amount of time, ideas become increasingly difficult to come up with.

Are you running out of content ideas for your audience? Then this post will help you!

I hope you enjoy it!

1. Lists

Lists are a true classic in content production. They catch people’s attention and make you use the power of synthesis to deliver relevant content to your audience.


10 things you need to know about _____________

5 amazing tips for ____________

2. Questions & Answers

This is a simple but powerful content idea as it uses issues from the audience that matter the most to you, your customers, and prospects.

Have open channels, talk to your audience, and let them ask you questions. Answer them and create content with it.

3. Testimonials

This content idea assumes that you have a good solution to offer to the market. After all, only satisfied customers will leave testimonials about their experience with your brand.

Don’t talk about yourself, let others talk. Encourage your customers to leave testimonials about your product and service.

4. Case Studies

This type of content is usually more geared towards B2B companies. In the case studies, you explore in-depth what challenges were faced, how your solution solved them, and what results were generated for the client.

Here are some very useful websites and tools that will help you find new content ideas:

Google Suggest

This is functionality related to Google searches. As you type a term, the tool suggests topics related to it (which are searched for by users). It’s a quick and simple way to get new content ideas.


Quora is one of the largest human question-and-answer repositories and covers any area of ​​human knowledge. Enter terms related to your industry and discover questions users ask for new content insights.

Comments on social media/blogs

Have you made a new post on your blog or your company’s Instagram and received some comments? This can be a good clue to understanding if users have questions or objections that could become content in the future.

Google alerts

An interesting and free tool is Google Alerts. You can enter terms that you consider relevant to your business and schedule emails and notifications to receive news and information on these topics, daily or weekly, for example. There won’t always be relevant news and content, but it can be a great way to come up with new content ideas.

Title generators (Hubspot) –

Hubspot’s headline generation tool promises to bring content ideas to blog posts. Just enter the desired term (or more) and the tool will bring up options for titles for you to use.


These were just a few possible content ideas to explore on your channels. Please check out a few more content tips to get inspired and use in your business.

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